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Dividends Portugal Telecom, SGPS S.A. announced that the following amounts per share will be paid on 30 May 2014, as set out below:

Gross Amount     Euro 0.10
Withholding Tax IRS/IRC (28%/25%)*  Euro 0.028 / Euro 0.025
Net Amount     Euro 0.072 / Euro 0.075

The ex-right date will be 27 May 2014, and the record date will be 29 May 2014.

Payment will be made through the Securities Clearing House pursuant to the terms of article 53 of the Regulation no. 3/2000 and Circular no. 1/2000, both of Interbolsa.

This statement is made in accordance with the Portuguese legislation and pursuant to the terms of the resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders held on 30 April 2014.

Dividend history
Fiscal Dividends in Euros Payment    
Year Gross Net date Ex-date Releases
2013 0.10


30.May.14 27.May.14
2012 0.325


17.May.13 14.May.13 HTML link html
2011 0.435 0.3263 25.May.12 22.May.12 HTML link html
2011 0.215 0.16125 4.Jan.12 30.Dec.11 HTML link html
2010 0.65 0.51025 03.Jun.11 31.May.11 HTML link html
2010* 0.65 0.51025 03.Jun.11 31.May.11 HTML link html
2010* 1.000 0.785 28.Dec.10 23.Dec.10 HTML link html
2009 0.575 0.460 14.May.10 11.May.10 HTML link html
2008 0.575 0.460 24.Apr.09 21.Apr.09 HTML link html
2007 0.575 0.460 24.Apr.08 21.Apr.08 HTML link html
2007** 1.616 1.293 07.Nov.07 30.Oct.07 HTML link html
2006  0.475 0.380 18.May.07 15.May.07 HTML link html
2005  0.475 0.380 19.May.06 16.May.06 HTML link html
2004 0.35 c) 0.32375
d) 0.30625
27.May.05 24.May.05 HTML link html
2003   0.22 c) 0.2035
 d) 0.1925
30.Apr.04 27.Apr.04 HTML link html
2002 0.16 c) 0.140
 d) 0.132
02.May.03 28.Apr.03 HTML link html
2001 0.10 c) 0.0875
d) 0.0825
23.May.02 20.May.02 HTML link html
1999*** 0.20 0.17 26.May.00 23.May.00 HTML link html
1998   1.01 0.89 19.May.99 14.May.99 HTML link html
1997   0.88 0.73 21.May.98 18.May.98 HTML link html
1996   0.69 0.61 30.Apr.97 24.Apr.97  
1995   0.45 0.40 29.Apr.96 22.Apr.96  
a) IRS b) IRC c)Residents d)Non-residents
* Exceptional 2010 Dividend
** Extraordinary dividend resulting from the spin-off of PT Multimedia (0.176067 PTM share for every PT share with a PTM share reference price of 9.18 euros. 
*** On 30 November 1999 occurred a 5 for 1 share split.


The final withholding tax rate shall be 35% of the amounts placed at the disposal of:

  • (1) omnibus accounts, except where the identity of the effective beneficiary is disclosed and
  • (2) nonresident entities without a permanent establishment in Portuguese territory, which are domiciled in a country, territory or region subject to favorable tax regime, according to the list approved by Decree of the Ministry of Finance.

For the purpose of benefiting of tax exemption, reduction or non-applicability of withholding obligations regarding income taxation, shareholders entitled to such exemption and benefits should demonstrate and evidence all the relevant facts and information required for the discharge or reduction of the withholding obligation, to the financial institution in which the respective shares are registered.

Dividends paid to shareholders resident in Portugal and taxable for IRS (Portuguese Personal Income Tax) are subject to a final tax rate of 28%, unless these shareholders elect to include the dividends (50% of the amount) in the income subject to the marginal Personal Income Tax rates.

Last Update: 9 May 2014
Dividend evolution

dividend evolution

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