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TMN’s mobile portal gets new look and more content
Monday, April 23, 2012
The Internetnotelemovel Portal got a new look and new themed content in partnership with SAPO.

The change comes from the need to optimize the portal for smartphone and tablet users. The new thematic channels take advantage from the location of the customer and are specially adapted to access via mobile equipment:

  • Fuel: consultation of cheaper fuel prices within nearest petrol stations and map  with location and directions on the shortest route to get there;
  • Pharmacies: nearest pharmacies with map and quickest way to get there;
  • Fame: detailed information about the famous who are the talk of the moment;
  • Woman: the best content from SAPO Woman, today's articles on the female universe and celebrities.

The now redesigned portal, gives greater emphasis to news, highlights and premium content such as games, ringtones, apps, as the capabilities of the touchscreen display are put to better use.

It is worth recalling that in March, TMN not only increased the limits of the existing price plans but also launched a new internetnotelemóvel tariff, IT Ultra, with a 4 GB limit included and unlimited PT WiFi traffic. In this way, PT’s mobile operator anticipates the growing needs of internet use in mobility.

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