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Sapo Cape Verde reaches 10 million views on 4th anniversary
Monday, April 16, 2012
At the time of celebration of its 4th anniversary, SAPO Cape Verde reaches an important milestone: 10 million views. 

Sapo Cape Verde follows the lives of Cape Verdeans since April 2008 counting with the support of CVTelecom and of various media, such as A Semana, Expresso das Ilhas, Inforpress, O Liberal, Praia FM, RTC and A Nação.

Together with these strategic partnerships and taking advantage of a 16-year know-how, the portal SAPO Cape Verde continues its mission to promote knowledge via the internet. In this context, we have created several channels, applications, as well as channels of videos, photos and blogs.

On the 4th anniversary stands out the bet on education and music

In particular, it focuses on education and music, "through the creation of the Student's Portal for university and pré-university students, containing all the information about scholarships, courses and universities; SAPO Music, with information about performances and festivals, profiles and interviews of Cape Verdean artists; and Festivals 2012, with an agenda and information of all the festivals in Cape Verde", underlines PT in a press release. Additionally, it was also announced the creation of SAPO Sport and SAPO TV and Cinema.

So this is a time for celebration, both in Cape Verde and in Portugal. "In Praia, Cape Verde, SAPO CV offered all inhabitants a Sunset Party, with lots of music and entertainment". SAPO CV blew the candles officially on 15 April and marked that moment with the release of hundreds of balloons.

In  Praia, Cape Verde, SAPO CV offered all inhabitants a Sunset Party

In turn, in Lisbon, the anniversary will be celebrated at the Show Club "b.leza", on April 27, from 10:30 pm. On this night, Miroca Paris, Calú Moreira and Ritinha Lobo will perform.

SAPO CV is today alongside thousands of Cape Verdeans throughout the world, allowing them to follow the main news about Cape Verde, watch local television, listen to the local radio and read their newspaper online on Sapo. In addition, the portal provides free e-mail services and blogs, as well as hosting of photos and videos, without space limit.

The SAPO Portal is present today in five countries of the Portuguese-speaking community – Portugal, Cape Verde, Angola, Mozambique and East Timor.