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New M4O mobile internet packages
Monday, April 22, 2013
M4O offers as of now two new mobile internet packages, allowing customers to save up to 55% on the monthly fees of the IT Super (500 MB) and IT Super Plus (1 GB) packages.

For M4O users to take advantage of all the potential of smartphones or tablets, MEO has just launched two new mobile internet packages: IT Light, with 200 MB of traffic included, and IT Ultra, with 5 GB.

From 2.99 euros per month, customers will enjoy a more economical solution to increase internet traffic available on their M4O cards.

Internet packages already included in M4O now feature discounts of more than 50% off the monthly fee: IT Super costs €4.99 /month and IT Super Plus 7.99 euros/month.

With M4O, MEO gains new life
M4O is the first quad-play service with television, internet, telephone and mobile phone. With this release, in early 2013, MEO started to offer a service based on three concepts:

  • Simplicity: free communications to all networks in Portugal, mobile data included in all mobile phones taking advantage of PT’s 4G LTE network with speeds up to 100 Mbps and with the possibility of sharing the data limit among various personal devices;
  • Convenience: one brand for four different services, inside and outside the home, with a single point of contact, for commercial and customer support matters, for the fixed and mobile customers. A single invoice with all services and greater predictability in spending;
  • Savings: the concentration of services in the MEO brand allows immediate savings and it is possibility to acquire smartphones through interest-free installments in the MEO invoice, reducing access barriers to these devices.