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PT launches new Customer Area
Friday, July 01, 2011
PT just launched the new PT Customer Area that allows the management of the entire portfolio of products and services from PT, TMN, Meo and Sapo by customers themselves, according to a multi-platform logic.

By making self-care solutions available, Portugal Telecom progresses significantly in terms of efficiency in customer relationship ensuring a single vision of its customers.

Access to this new area is also possible via different channels for customers from the Personal and Residential segments. Apart from computer access at and the current portals of each brand, customers may access their customer area via mobile phone at, and television at Menu > My Meo > Customer Area.
This launch occurs in the scope of the strategy of PT’s Customer Self-care area of developing multi-channel self-care solutions, promoting growing virtualization in customer relationship.

Access your customer area
Via computer:
Via mobile phone:
Via television: Menu > My Meo > Customer Area

If you use the current customer areas from PT, TMN, Meo and Sapo, you can continue to login via the same areas and from there, in a simple and rapid way, associate your products and services, thus making an integrated management of same.

Benefits are visible in different ways, namely in terms of availability. Customers may access their customer area anytime anyplace without any time-related constraints.

Portugal Telecom reinforces thus its commitment to improved customer satisfaction, as this facility is cost-free, gaining the consumer increased autonomy in the management of his services.

In parallel, PT reduces costs by eliminating customer contacts to perform activities executed more conveniently through self-care. Resources are freed in this way for operations with higher value for the company.

The development the new Customer Area lasted throughout 2010 and 2011. Internally, this project involved circa half a dozen professionals, from the technological areas responsible for the development of this solution as well as from the business and operational areas.

Meeting customer needs

Through PT’s self-care applications, customers have a vast number of functionalities available that fulfill their main needs in terms of services delivered by PT, TMN, Sapo and Meo.

Learn about all operations available at PT’s new customer area:

Mobile Selfcare
Credit viewing
Viewing and change of price plan
Viewing of balance and movements of usage points
Viewing and acquisition of equipment, accessories, etc. from points catalogue
Acquisition and management of SMS packages (pakots)
Change of VIP numbers (in case of VIP tariff)

Tariff viewing
Viewing of balance and movements of usage points 
Viewing and acquisition of equipment, accessories, etc from points catalogue
Viewing of data for payment

TV Selfcare
Information of subscribed channels
History of rented movies
Viewing of data for payment
Bill viewing
Bank transfer subscription
Electronic Bill Subscription
Acquisition of channels
Mobile Broadband Consumption

Traffic viewing (non-billed)
Traffic Alerts (data)

Price plan subscription
Service management
Subscription of telephone alerts 

VoIP management
Anti-virus subscription
Email management
SAPO Web management
DynIP management
Internet & PT WiFi access password change

Traffic viewing (non-billed)
Traffic alerts (data)