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Portugal Telecom

Portugal Telecom is a global telecommunications operator. It is the national leader in every sector where it operates.


It is understood to be the Portuguese entity with the largest national and international projection. It has a diversified business portfolio in which quality and innovation are decisive aspects, alongside the most advanced international companies in this sector.

The company’s activity covers every segment of the telecommunications sector: fixed, mobile, multimedia, data and corporate solutions.

These telecommunications and multimedia services are available in Portugal, Brazil and in developing international markets.

Portugal Telecom’s international footprint spreads to countries like Cape Verde, Mozambique, Timor, Angola, Kenya, China, Brazil, S. Tomé and Príncipe and Namíbia.

In the Brazilian market, PT is present in Oi, the largest telecommunications operator in South America, and in Contax, Brazil's leading contact center services company.

The company’s growth has been consolidating through the development of new business in areas of rapid growth, for example mobile voice and data services, multimedia and broadband internet access. With this, Portugal Telecom has contributed to the development of the Information Society which is a priority for the company in terms of developing innovative solutions and successfully dealing with the challenges from both enterprises and citizens.

Partnerships and strategic agreements celebrated with key companies in each sector have contributed towards the improvement in capacity and product availability.

In terms of capital markets, Portugal Telecom is one of the most traded stock in Euronext Lisbon, and it is also quoted on the New York Stock Exchange.

PT sees its human resource policy as the active management of the talents of its employees, rewarding and encouraging merit, creativity, excellence and believing in the continuous renewal of its resources.

The company assumes its social responsibility before the community by its constant support to several institutions, motivating its employees through a corporate volunteering policy. The company creates innovative solutions which aim to facilitate life for its customers with special needs, intervening also in the areas of education, environment, culture and sport.