Awards and Distinctionsa-pt-premios-distincoes-bloco-destaque<img alt="Awards and Distinctions" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/headers/premios-bloco-destaque-1580x398.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Awards and DistinctionsThe awards granted to Altice Portugal by international and national entities are the ultimate recognition of our excellence in several business areas.00



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Corporate 2012​


    Worldwide P​artner Conference - Microsoft

    - Microsoft Partner of the Year FY12 status in domestic market – MEO and Cloud Solutions.

    Cisco Partner Awards

    - Cisco Partner of the Year FY12 - PT Comunicações.

    SAP Cloud Partner

    - SAP Certification in IT Outsourcing - CloudPT platform.

    Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2012

    - Oracle Specialized Partner of the Year 2012 with InstantTelco solution at Timor Telecom – PT SI.

    Hackett Group Study

    - Top Performers in Shared Services - PT PRO;
    - Top Performers in Finance, Human Resources, IT and Procurement - PT PRO.

    MSCP Certification

    - Cisco Master Service Provider - SmartcloudPT service.

    Exame Magazine - Top 500 Biggest & Best

    - Best Telecommunications Company - PT Prime;
    - Biggest Telecommunications Company - PT Comunicações;
    - No. 2 in Biggest Telecommunications Companies - TMN.

    Top Portuguese Brands League Table 2012 – Brand Finance

    - No. 3 in Top Portuguese Brands 2012 - PT.

    World Awards 2012 – Top Ranking Performers – ContactCenterWorld

    - Bronze Medal in Best Community Spirit - PT Contact.

    Municipality of Santo Tirso

    - Medal of Honor of the Municipality of Santo Tirso - Zeinal Bava, CEO.​​​​​​<h2>Corporate 2012</h2> 



MEO has the best mobile internet in the country MEO has the best mobile internet in the country, Go to ANACOM Study "mobile system GSM, UMTS and LTE - Portugal Continental" website1Premios<img alt="MEO has the best mobile internet in the country" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-anacom-117x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Quintuple-play PacksQuintuple-play Packs, Go to Product of the Year 2015 website1Premios<img alt="Product of the Year 2015" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-produto-ano-51x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Best TV service voted by subscribers of the publication and subscribers of the operatorsBest TV service voted by subscribers of the publication and subscribers of the operators, Go to Exame Informatica Study at (in portuguese)1Premios<img alt="Best TV service voted by subscribers of the publication and subscribers of the operators" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-exame-informatica-65x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Datacentre International Design/Build Supplier of the YearDatacentre International Design/Build Supplier of the Year, Go to DCS Awards 2015 website1Premios<img alt="Datacentre International Design/Build Supplier of the Year" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-dcs-awards-130x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Best TV App - FINALISTBest TV App - FINALIST, Go to Mobile World Awards 2015 website1Premios<img alt="Best TV App - FINALIST" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-mobile-world-awards-193x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Datacentre Sustainability - FINALISTDatacentre Sustainability - FINALIST, Go to Datacloud Awards 2015 website1Premios<img alt="Datacentre Sustainability - FINALIST" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-datacloud-awards-65x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
CDP - Driving Sustainable Economies - Member 2014CDP - Driving Sustainable Economies - Member 2014, Go to CDP - Carbon Disclosure Program website1Premios<img alt="CDP - Driving sustainable economies - Member 2014" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-cdp-128x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Serviço mais inovador – MEO KanalServiço mais inovador – MEO Kanal, Go to CWA - Connected World Awards website1Premios<img alt="Most innovative service – MEO Kanal" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-cwa-129x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
CRM Excellence Awards 2014 – MEO KanalCRM Excellence Awards 2014 – MEO Kanal, Go to Gartner & 1to1 Media Customer Experience Excellence Awards website1Premios<img alt="CRM Excellence Awards 2014 – MEO Kanal" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-gartner-excellence-awards-182x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Programa de transformação nas Operações da PTPrograma de transformação nas Operações da PT, Go to IDC website1Premios<img alt="Transformation program in PT operations" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-idc-171x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">
Inauguração do Data Center da CovilhãInauguração do Data Center da Covilhã, Go to APCE website1Premios<img alt="Covilhã’s Data Center opening" src="/SiteCollectionImages/a-pt/premios/logotipos/Premios-BlocoInterativo-apce-39x65.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">