Customer Experience 2015


    Product of the Year 2015

    - M5O: Quintuple-play Packs;
    - MEO Go: Multiplatform TV VideoClub;
    - MEO Jogos: TV Games in a cloud platform;
    - MEO's Mobile Internet: More innovative way to access the Mobile Internet.

    Exame Informatica Awards

    - MEO: Best TV service voted by subscribers of the publication and subscribers of the


    - PT Portugal: “Integrated Governance of ICT”.

    ANACOM Study "Mobile system GSM, UMTS and LTE - Portugal Continental"

    - MEO has the best mobile internet in the country;
    - MEO: The operator with the best performance in the accessibility to the data service;
    - MEO: Best average speed data transfer;
    - MEO: Best performance in Internet browsing;
    - MEO: Best performer in latency.

    ACEPI Navegantes XXI Awards

    - MEO: Best

    Call Center Trophy

    - MEO: "Quality of Service on Telephone Answering with 50+ positions"​ - Meo 1696.​​​

    2015 Trusted Brands - Selecções Reader's Digest

    - MEO: Mobile Network Operator;
    - MEO: Internet Service.

    Superbrands 2015

    - SAPO: Brand of Excellence.​​​ ​​​