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Customer areaarea-cliente-bloco-imagem-texto<img alt="Contacts - Customer area" src="/SiteCollectionImages/contactos/contactos-area-cliente-bloco-imagem-texto-490x330.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Customer area<p>​Manage all your Meo products and services from your own home.</p>, Go to Customer Area website10



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 Contact Customer Support Altice Empresas



+351 961 001 626 | 16 206contactos-alticeempresas+351 961 001 626 | 16 206​Customer Support<p>Clarify questions or ask for information about your services.</p><p>Every day 24h/day<br><br></p>,
Customer Support Cloudcontactos-alticeempresasCustomer Support CloudCustomer Support Cloud<p>​Clarify questions or ask for information about your services.</p><p>Business days from 8 am to 8 pm -<br></p>,
808 205 020contactos-alticeempresas808 205 020Support Technical<p>​Please state your technical difficulties or faults.<br></p><p>Every day 24/day   </p><p>+ 351 961 001 626​ (Roaming calls)<br></p><div><br> </div>,
16 203contactos-alticeempresas16 203Computer Services<p>​Every day 24h/day </p>,

 Customer Support Lines MEO



+351 961 001 620 | 16 200contactos-pacotes-tv-internet-fixa-telefone-bloco-4-colunas+351 961 001 620 | 16 200Customer support And billing<p>Clarify questions or ask for information about your MEO service.</p><p>Every day, 24h/day​<br><br></p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10
+351 213 580 144 | 16 209contactos-pacotes-tv-internet-fixa-telefone-bloco-4-colunas+351 213 580 144 | 16 209Technical support<p>For technical difficulties or breakdowns in your fixed and mobile services MEO. </p>Every day, 24h/day<p><br><br></p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10

 Specialized Lines



16 202contactos-telemovel-internet-movel-bloco-4-colunas16 202Am Smart - Technological support<p>Help resolve issues with your smartphone, tablet, or router.</p><p>Example: install applications, activate parental control, clean and prevent viruses or synchronize with other devices.</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10
12 300contactos-telemovel-internet-movel-bloco-4-colunas12 300Line of activation of mobile internet services<p>Enable internet services on your phone.</p><p>Every day 24h/day</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10
12 045contactos-telemovel-internet-movel-bloco-4-colunas12 045Mobile internet and meo wifi<p>Service activation line for mobile phone</p><p>Activate, renew, deactivate or configure services and still change your tariff.</p><p>Free, from MEO Mobile Network.</p><p></p><p>Every day 24h/day</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10



12 096contactos-1896-bloco-3-colunas12 096Mobile Phone Line<p>Information about Mobile Points.</p><p>Every day from 8am to 24pm</p><p>808 212 096</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10
12 083contactos-1896-bloco-3-colunas12 083Line of information on roaming services<p>Information on roaming and membership fees for voice and data packages for roaming use.</p><p>Every day 24h/day</p><p>+351 961 000 083</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10
18 20contactos-1896-bloco-3-colunas18 20Customized information service<p>Accessible from fixed and mobile networks, with personalized service, it offers the following national information, without limit per call: Contacts, addresses, postal codes, emails, url of sites, geographical coordinates and more.</p><p>Every day 24h/day</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10



808 962 222contactos-sos-equipamentos-bloco-2-colunas808 962 222SOS Equipment<p>To report malfunctions on your phone, tablet, router, pen, or other mobile device.</p><p>If your equipment malfunctions, we will send a courier to the address you indicate to collect it.</p><p>Business days from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10
800 206 206contactos-sos-equipamentos-bloco-2-colunas800 206 206Altice Foundation Line<p>Altice Foundation​ line of support exclusively for technologies of accessibility to telecommunications.</p><p>Exclusive for customers with special needs.</p><p>Free call</p><p>Business days from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.</p>, Go to MEO websitePrices10



Call Sign Language Portuguese-Servilinatendimento-lingua-gestual-bloco-imagem-texto<img alt="Contacts - Sign language support" src="/SiteCollectionImages/contactos/contactos-atendimento-lingua-gestual-bloco-imagem-texto-490x330.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Call Sign Language Portuguese-ServilinThe videocall to 12472<p>You can contact the customer service lines using Serviin, an interpreter service in Portuguese Sign Language.</p><p>Business days from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m.</p>, Go to MEO website10



Customer ombudsmanprovedoria-cliente-bloco-imagem-texto<img alt="Contacts - Customer ombudsman" src="/SiteCollectionImages/contactos/contactos-provedoria-cliente-bloco-imagem-texto-490x330.png" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Customer ombudsman<p>​Celerity and independence in the treatment of your complaints or suggestions.</p>, Go to Customer ombudsman00



Media contactsContactos-comunicacao-social<img alt="Media contacts" src="/SiteCollectionImages/contactos/contactos-gerais-bloco-imagem-texto-490x330.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Media contacts<p>Clarifications or requests for information by the media about Altice Portugal.</p>​, Go to Contacts00



Contacts for institutional communicationsContactos-institucionais<img alt="Contacts for institutional communications" src="/SiteCollectionImages/contactos/contactos-institucionais-bloco-imagem-texto-490x330.jpg" style="BORDER: 0px solid; ">Contacts for institutional communications<p>If your contact is about Human Resources, RGPD, Sponsorship or topics such as telephone poles, cables and floor covers, use this form.</p>, Go to Institutional Contacts00