MOCHE Wild Camp makes reality TV with extreme sports


Over six episodes, MOCHE and FUEL TV will be taking a group of young people to a training camp where the public sees them surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, doing motocross and BMX. 

There are jokes in the dormitories. Conversations about girls. A boy who broke his arm on the first day and the attitude expressed by Ana Lucia Seixo, skateboard team, in the first episode: "I'm here to do my best" and to leave the challenge "with more artful tricks." All this in the MOCHE Wild Camp, a reality TV program about extreme sports, which premiered Thursday, June 20, on FUEL TV.
"MOCHE is our brand with young DNA and interested in everything that may keep this dynamic relationship with the young generation", says Luis Avelar, board member of PT. That is how MOCHE joined FUEL TV to go on this adventure to discover young talent across the country in five different sports – surfing, skateboarding, wakeboarding, motocross and BMX – and then gather the best for ten days of intensive training in an especially prepared field on the Alqueva dam.

The program uses only the positive features of a reality show. Is a way of showing this side of a healthy living among young people in their relationship with the sports they like best". That is what the MOCHE Wild Camp will show over six episodes, each with 22 minutes, every Thursday at 10 pm on FUEL TV.

The young people selected from more than 400 candidates gather in five different teams and face several challenges, in an unprecedented initiative on television, with the help of the supervisors of each sport: Pedro "Pecas" Monteiro, in surfing; Diogo Osório, skating; Mujeeb Rahuman, in wakeboard; Sandro Marcos, in motocross; and Daniel Américo in BMX. Let's meet them as athletes but also in their relationships among themselves and in their interior dilemmas in dealing with challenges, defeats, triumphs and adrenaline.

In the field they will also receive a visit from some of their idols, some members of the MOCHE Surf Team and TMN Dream Team. "All kids like their big brother and our sponsored athletes were those talented older brothers, who are there to help and serve as an example."

That is the case of Rodrigo Albuquerque, who was going to do a skate demo, but ended up spending several days with the youth of the program. "This is very good, it can make this sport grow. It shows healthy kids, with a heart, practicing sports. And you can see how happy they are, "says the TMN Dream Team athlete.

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