MEO Sudoeste: The most rhythmic week of the summer has come to an end

August 6th marked the departure of thousands of festival goers from Zambujeira do Mar who had found the ideal event to celebrate the summer. In its 21st year, MEO Sudoeste recorded technological records and proved to be a festival that is continually being updated to bring music, fun and unforgettable moments to its faithful followers.

Up on high or with their feet on the ground, the important thing was to take advantage of all the experiences provided at the MEO Sudoeste festival. This year, one of the highlights was the aerial nightclub, held by a crane, where it was possible to dance 40 meters high in the air. Another of the experiences that is already a well-known feature of this festival is the big wheel which continues to delight those who go to the Herdade da Casa Branca.

These are just two of the experiences shared by the thousands of festival goers who put to the test the communication infrastructure provided by MEO. At the 21st edition of the festival, the MEO Wi-Fi network allowed the sharing of 9 terabytes of data on and off the premises and in real time from 2 million unique sessions. And how much are 9 terabytes? The equivalent of more than 2.3 million photos, more than 6 thousand, eight hundred songs or more than 316 hours of 4K videos. As for mobile data, the number rose to 10 terabytes. That is, during the festival 19 terabytes of data were processed, an absolute record. Also, 1 million calls were made and more than 1.5 million SMS exchanged.

By sharing their experiences on the internet, via Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, the festival goers contributed to transforming the 21st edition of the country's biggest summer festival into a social network point of reference. A highlight being the more than 450 thousand live streaming Facebook MEO users and more than 800 thousand interactions making reference to the festival on all platforms.

To have information in the palm of their hand, the mobile application was also made available and it had more than 20 thousand downloads. As an example, in the 'MEO or Not' option of the app, where users had the possibility to like (or not) the profile of other registered people, more than one million votes were made. The festival's website received 100,000 hits, with nearly 300,000 pages visited.

So that they could always be connected, festival goers were able to take advantage of the charging points, distributed throughout the grounds and throughout the campsite, which carried the equivalent of almost 90 thousand mobile phone batteries.

In 2017, the MEO Sudoeste Tribe brought together festival goers from 50 different countries who did not miss the opportunity to bond, share emotions and experience unique moments. In the venue, the MEO and MOCHE brands were promoted through various dynamization activities and also SAPO did not lose out at the summer festival assuming the role of media partner. MEO Kanal also did not miss the call with its official MEO Sudoeste channel (MEO Kanal 2021) that offered daily entertainment, reports, specials and many hours of live broadcast.

Fans have already said goodbye to this year's edition, but with the promise that next year there will be more. In 2018, MEO Sudoeste will return between August 4th and 11th, with a reception for campers on the 7th and performances in the grounds from the 8th to the 11th August.

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