DJ Snake on the MEO Stage at the 21st MEO Sudoeste


The French DJ and producer, currently at the high point of a brilliantly managed career, arrives in Zambujeira do Mar on August 3rd, the right moment to live up to his fans’ expectations: an unforgettable experience on the MEO Stage.

With a musical journey that began with hip hop influences from Cypress Hill and KRS-One, he adopted the code name of DJ Snake when he was involved in graffiti art.

In 2016, he released his debut album, Encore, and once again got everyone talking with the single Let Me Love You, which features the voice of Justin Bieber. It was released on the day that the album Encore reached the top 10 in 28 countries, number 1 in France, Germany and Norway.

With a clear focus on the diversity of genres and artists from different countries, MEO Sudoeste welcomes hundreds of young people who celebrate their first holidays away from home at the festival.

Line up - Already confirmed

2nd August - MEO Stage - The Chainsmokers
3rd August - MEO Stage - DJ Snake, Two Door Cinema Club, Mishlawi
4th August - MEO Stage - Martin Garrix, Lil Wayne
5th August - MEO Stage – Jamiroquai

 Modelo - Bloco Galeria

 Modelo - Bloco Colunas