Khan Academy: PT Foundation launches interactive platform in European Portuguese


Thousands of interactive maths exercises and hundreds of free videos, accessible to the entire educational community, in Portuguese (from Portugal) and adapted to the Portuguese school system are now available on the international Khan Academy platform, accessible on the PT Foundation website.

It is the result of a partnership between this foundation, the Directorate General of Education and Science and EDUCOM - Portuguese Association of Educational Telematics.

It's free. It's for everyone. It's forever. Letting you learn what you want, whenever you want, wherever you are ... It is the Khan Academy created in 2006 by educator and entrepreneur Salman Khan and replicated in a pioneering way by the PT Foundation since 2013.

The project was created to provide high quality content, as well as resources and conditions that promote digital learning and teaching models for the entire population, free of charge.

With more than 48.5 million users, 992 million views and 6.5 billion exercises performed worldwide, the Khan Academy interactive platform is now available in European Portuguese with a more exercises and with videos and information segmented for the different agents of the educational community.

With this launch, the PT Foundation reinforces its ecosystem of partnerships in the field of education, in which it has been playing a key role in the digitization of the educational community, contributing to introducing in the classrooms and in the different educational means tools, equipment and contents that encourage digitization.

The commitment made by the PT Foundation, EDUCOM and the Directorate-General for Education is an important "contribution to the digitization of teaching methods and the preparation of students, educators and parents for the schooling of the future. One that will prepare the leaders of future generations "says Paulo Neves, CEO of PT.

And PT, recalls Paulo Neves, "in this field, through the activity of the PT Foundation, wants to be an integral part of the process, and contribute to making available and streamlining the right resources, the most innovative tools and, thus, helping prepare students "Therefore, this is" a fundamental step for the best revision of current teaching methods and for their better coexistence with the digital reality that has come to stay and transform the world.”

"We really believe that Khan Academy is a differentiated way of teaching and with the help of our partners we will be able to reach students, parents and teachers," says Graça Rebocho, Director of the PT Foundation.

A platform in European Portuguese from Portugal

The Khan Academy in Portugal, now integrated into the world level platform presents new contents, featuring hundreds of explanatory videos and thousands of interactive maths exercises, suggestions for solving them and progress reports, allowing permanent monitoring of performance and evolution in learning and in mastering the discipline. Soon, Physics, Chemistry and Biology will also be integrated into the platform contents in Portuguese.

 "All videos are validated by scientific communities and this is very important for the Ministry of Education," Vitor Pedroso, Director General of Education "Fundamental in this platform is its free access, free availability of resources and content for all", João Costa, Secretary General of Education

The launch of the Khan Academy platform in Portuguese and with reinforcement and segmentation of content has thus promoted the launch of a pilot that will take Khan Academy to five school groups in the west for 850 students of elementary education , 11 schools and more than 30 teachers between 2017 and 2018,. With the extension of Khan Academy to the classroom, students, parents and teachers now have access to the Khan Academy with specific and connected operating profiles.

DGE, EDUCOM and the PT foundation are cooperate in translating and adapting the innovative teaching resources of Khan Academy to the Portuguese reality, with the aim of taking this new methodological approach of teaching to the school context, with the integration of mobile equipment from Samsung.

Monitored by The Portuguese Academy of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, the Khan Academy in Portuguese materializes the reinforcement of the PT Foundation's activities in the area of education, in particular in areas related to the promotion of school success and digital education.

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