The most modern fiber optic network in Portugal has arrived in Tondela

Portugal Telecom announces the launch of its fiber optic service in Tondela, in the district of Viseu, where more than 8500 homes will be served with the largest and most modern network in the country.

After Vila Verde and Alto do Seixalinho, PT's fiber optic network arrives in Tondela. In this locality of the district of Viseu, there are over 8500 homes that will gain access to the best global telecommunications experience in Portugal.

This level of innovation will allow the inhabitants of these localities to have access to an ever more complete set of services at home: better image quality with HD content; unlimited number of televisions, no set-top box and internet with guaranteed bandwidth.

In companies, fiber optic capabilities enable access to innovative solutions, new business models with capacity to optimize resources and expand into new markets, as well as integrated telecommunication and information technology, cloud computing, security and internet services of things.

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