MEO Surfing League: The top national competition is back

Put it in your diary: 24th-26th March, Ericeira. These are the dates and place of the first leg of the MEO Surfing League. The championship that brings together the best of national surfing is back and with many new features. 

PT is once again the competition’s umbrella sponsor defining the national surf champions and, through its brands MEO and MOCHE, supporting the sport that moves generations.

The Sports Museum in Lisbon is the chosen venue for the presentation conference for the 2017 edition of the MEO Surfing League, a competition that awards the top national titles in the sport. This is "Portugal's biggest surfing league ever," said Francisco Rodrigues, President of the National Surfers Association, as the surfers' prize pool will be 90,000 Euros, up 11% on last year.

But the news does not stop there! The National Surfing League goes forward hand in hand with PT and, in 2017, again takes the MEO name, in a clear demonstration of support. "We believe that we are one of the companies that has contributed the most to the growth of surfing in Portugal, showing the way to other national and international companies," says Luiza Galindo, Director of Communication Marketing at PT.

She also announced the new "Road to MEO Rip Curl Pro", which links the brand’s two biggest surf sponsors and ensures the wildcard that will join Frederico Morais in the Portuguese stage of the World Tour - MEO Rip Curl Pro In the National Surfing League, investing in the youngest talents is also reinforced with the 'MOCHE Groms Cup'. There will be a challenge per stage for 12 male and female U-16 surfers.

"Surfing in Portugal has taken enormous strides forward, it has evolved and developed rapidly and we see, more and more, that it is crosses the generations. This growing maturity of surfing in our country had to be accompanied by our brands. In the young universe, MOCHE takes the stage and then MEO takes on the leading role.”

"This is our language"

As the naming sponsor of the championship, PT is responsible for the image and communication of the various stages. To mark the re-entry of MEO in the National Surfing League, the 2017 edition has a new graphic identity which reflects the brand’s attributes and values of innovation and joviality and that captures the essence of each of the beaches that receive the different stages of the competition. "Every beach has its language and DNA and they communicate a life and image of their own," explains the Director. Inspired by navigation codes, this identity gives us a new language for new sea lovers.

Can’t be there? See it on the MEO Kanal

Using its state-of-the-art optical fiber at the five league beaches, MEO ensures the quality of the transmissions on any platform, whether on TV through MEO Kanal or on the internet. All stages of the MEO Surfing League will be broadcast live on www.ligameosurf.pt and MEO Kanal 202020.

Calendar for the MEO Surfing League 2017

Figueira da Foz is once again on the calendar as well as the traditional stages in Ericeira, Porto / Matosinhos, Sintra and Cascais. The public may recall that Figueira da Foz has already been the scene of several editions of the Portuguese stage of the world circuit and will now receive the best national surfers as it did in 2012.

1st stage - March 24th -26th - Allianz Ericeira Pro
2nd stage – May 12th - 14th - Renault Porto Pro
3rd stage - June 2nd -4th - Allianz Figueira Pro
4th stage - July 14th -16th - Allianz Sintra Pro
5th stage – September 14th -16th- Bom Petisco Cascais Pro

 Modelo - Bloco Galeria

 Modelo - Bloco Colunas