New MEO Store concept arrives in Seixal

The MEO Store at Rio Sul Shopping, in Seixal, has had a new look since February 28th. By fostering greater proximity to the customer and with logistical conditions oriented towards the experimentation of products and services, the new space is part of PT's commitment to improving the experience of all customers.

In the new MEO stores there are no counters that separate customers from those who serve them. What we want is that there is a closer and more emotional connection with customers. "This new concept provides a more welcoming environment, more like being at home," explains Paulo Hipólito, Director of the Distribution Network.

With seven service positions, instead of the previous 4, and with 92m2, instead of the previous 45, the new store is prepared to adapt the experience of each customer to their consumption patterns and way of life.

Experimentation with all products and services featured in the PT portfolio are promoted and encouraged here. With a markedly technological layout, the new MEO stores offer state-of-the-art digital media for the dissemination of MEO communication campaigns.

 Modelo - Bloco Galeria

 Modelo - Bloco Colunas