The PT Foundation and the PSP widen the ‘I'm here for Adults!’ program to the whole country

The ‘I'm here for Adults!’ program which the PT Foundation and the PSP launched in December 2015 in a test version has now been extended to the whole country with the support of a set of partner institutions: Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, Alzheimer Portugal, Liga Foundation, CRINABEL and CERCILISBOA.

These entities are in charge of identifying the potential recipients of the ‘I'm here for Adults!’ program - citizens suffering from disorientation in public spaces and showing difficulties in finding their way home. Through this program, a quick and effective response will be given to situations where people are vulnerable, as a means of safeguarding their security and well-being in a timely fashion.

To join the ‘I’m here Adults!’ program, you just need to make a pre-registration on the program’s website at https://estouaquiadultos.mai.gov.pt/Pages/Home.htm, follow the indicated steps and pick up the wristband at the selected police station. The program provides for two types of requests, depending on whether the user requests the wristband ("Request for Self") or a caregiver or the institution ("Institution / Caregiver Request" option).

The wristbands are free and have no user identification data, in order to safeguard privacy. They are made of a neutral band and a metal plate with an alphanumeric code which is unique to each user and can be decoded by the PSP after a call to the emergency number 112.

In its pilot phase, ‘I'm here for Adults!’ included more than 500 people in order to get user feedback regarding the mechanics of the program and the importance of this solution in vulnerable situations which was corroborated by all the institutions involved during the year.

I'm here! - Pioneer in Portugal

Launched in 2012 with the support of the PT Foundation and for four years also with the intervention of MEO Kids (PT brand focused on the children's segment), the I’m here! Program has already covered more than 163,000 children. I'm here! aims to facilitate and speed up the location of educators and/or parents of lost children essentially in the summer, through the free distribution of wristbands.

PT's contribution also lies in the area of social responsibility through the experience and know-how of the PT Foundation which has been associated with ‘I’m here!’ from the start of the program. The background of the PT Foundation allows tracking and monitoring within the ‘I’m here!’ program and the intervention of various partners, with the aim of coordinating efforts to raise awareness and mobilize Portuguese society towards prevention and immediate intervention in situations where children become isolated or lost and which has now been extended to vulnerable adults.

At the same time this also highlights the PT foundation’s contribution in the area of safety where it is involved in pedagogical activities designed to teach children about safety such as the Communicating in Security program, also available for older people, which promotes the development of the information society and the fight against info-exclusion. Fundamental social values, such as safety, are strategic for building more participatory and conscious citizens. With ‘I’m here!’ the PT Foundation and the PSP work together to reinforce this perception.