Altice Labs Viseu hub inaugurated with a world premiere of solutions


Viseu is the first city in the country to have an Altice Labs hub. The official inauguration of this center took place on December 7th, following the decentralization strategy for the Altice innovation, research and development Labs. It is also in Viseu that the 81st edition of Around Portugal will begin, an announcement made first-hand during the renewal of the technological partnership between Altice Portugal and Podium Events, the entity responsible for the organization of the sporting event.

Altice Portugal inaugurated the first decentralized Altice Labs hub and the city chosen for this launch was Viseu. An active part of the country's innovation ecosystem, Altice Labs works in partnership with universities, R & D institutions, partners, suppliers and customers, continually engaging in collaborative research, development and innovation projects in a sustained technology leadership strategy.

In Viseu, Altice Labs' lab will be focused on end-to-end solutions for Smart Cities, through the development of innovative radio equipment (sensors, probes and gateways) that allow remote data collection using LoRa and NB-IoT technologies, a breakthrough innovation at the global level.

"This decentralization process, which we started about a year ago, has led us already to have three laboratories in our portfolio. First we chose Viseu, which we inaugurate today, we have chosen Ribeira Brava, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and we have chosen the Algarve ", reveals Alexandre Fonseca. These are the first three regions in the country that are the target of investment and creation of scientific and technological research projects, but they will not be the only three regions, says the Executive President of Altice Portugal. "This process of bringing innovation to Portugal is something that we will continue to do because we continue to value not only investment and innovation, but also proximity to the territory and people."

"This is clearly a moment that will be marked in the history of our city, our county and also our region," says Almeida Henriques, mayor of Viseu. "Altice has been a very important partner because the company believed in us from day one." Both, together, dared to dream things that were unthinkable four or five years ago and combined interests, admits the mayor.

In addition to the implementation of this Altice Labs center, Altice Portugal's partnership with this municipality has already materialized through initiatives such as the São Mateus Fair, Europeade, the largest European folklore festival and the opening of a Contact Center. The mayor reveals his intention to transform Viseu into a smart city. And "there are several projects that we are developing, some of them together, that will further transform the way the city lives, the county lives, exactly through this concept of urban intelligence. This Altice Labs hub will certainly contribute to the effect."

"There is a lot of talent in the country," says Alcino Lavrador. The talent is not only concentrated in Aveiro, Lisbon or Porto. This hub in Viseu represents an opportunity to take advantage of the local dynamics, says the director general of Altice Labs. It means working with polytechnics and universities to create new things and a living laboratory where it is possible to develop products for Altice and the world, he added.

Best Company of the Year 2018

Altice Labs was recently named the Best Company of the Year 2018 and the Best Company in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Market, within the scope of the 29th edition of the 500 Biggest and Best Companies, an initiative of Exame, Informa D & B and Deloitte. This recognition validates the strategy defined by Altice Portugal for Altice Labs, whose development has been a source of growth and economic expansion in the country and a platform to promote technological talent and innovation capacity of Portuguese services and products. 

Renewal of the technological partnership with the "Tour of Portugal"


In an initiative that adds value and dynamizes various regions of Portugal, the technological partnership with the "Tour of Portugal" has also been renewed and strengthened. Altice Portugal is once again the technological partner of the event, assuring the equipment and technological services in the 81st edition of the competition and making it one of the most technologically capable tests in Europe.

In Viseu, at the signing ceremony of the protocol between Altice Portugal and Podium Events, the entity responsible for organizing the "Tour of Portugal", Alexandre Fonseca carried out the renewal of the commitment to this event, which is a "phenomenon of national sport and Portuguese society." The CEO recalls that the first edition, 81 years ago, was only 40 kilometers away, linking Cacilhas to Setunnel And since has evolved. "The Tour today is longer, arguably, harder, for sure", but today it also resorts to technology. "Technology is also part of the sport and the Tour of Portugal and cycling are no exception, and it is from this perspective that a technological partnership like this we announce has its relevance."

The CEO put forward some numbers that exemplify the importance of this technology partnership. In the previous edition, Altice Portugal was present with the media in 23 different locations, implemented 165 TV boxes and around 50 accesses to the internet and installed about 22 km of fiber cables, 6 km of copper cables and 17 km of cable coaxial. It also provided more than 100 technicians in the installation and support facilities of the event and supported the Life Stage. See myaltice news.

In the municipality that has been the "anchor of the Tour of Portugal in the last 16 years", and where the 81st edition will start Joaquim Gomes, general director of Podium, highlighted the need for partners for the evolution of this social and sporting event. And in fact Altice "has become the main technological partner of the Tour of Portugal".

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