Altice Portugal moves forward with fibre optics investment in the interior of Portugal


After investing in many municipalities in the Guarda district in 2018, as part of the Central Massif project, Altice Portugal is now returning to the interior to take another important step in terms of fiber infrastructure in the country in the second wave of investment in the region.

In June 2018, the father of the Portuguese satellite, the engineer Carvalho Rodrigues, launched an appeal for inclusion in what he considers to be "the global village" that the internet allows these days, because in Casal de Cinza, the municipality of Guarda where he lives, there was not enough network coverage. Altice Portugal was not indifferent to this appeal and was not only available, but solved the issue, now guaranteeing 100% coverage of fiber optic network to this parish, as well as to several others in the Municipality, with a total coverage of about 70%.

To mark this milestone, a public session was held on 14th February to present new energy and communications infrastructures for the Guarda Council, attended by João Azevedo Galamba, Secretary of State for Energy, the Executive President of Altice Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca, as well as Carvalho Rodrigues.

In his speech, Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal, said that "this is another incursion of Altice Portugal in the national territory and in the interior of the country. The dictionary says that incursion means an invasion of armed people in a given territory. If we do not interpret this expression literally, this is what Altice Portugal effectively does in these territories: armed with investment, innovation and social responsibility, to combat the war against desertification and regional dissymmetries. Continuing its commitment to investment in the interior territory, Altice Portugal will "make a new wave of investment in this county, a new wave that will consolidate the expansion of the fiber optic network that we already have in Guarda but will continue to grow. A fiber optic network that will reach 70% later this year, with some parishes close to 100%."

This intervention in the interior of the country is in line with the strategy that Altice Portugal has adopted in terms of investment, innovation, social intervention and proximity. These have been some of the main pillars of support that have led Altice Portugal to all corners of the country and to make a contribution that it considers crucial in promoting equal opportunities. This is a bet that is not only technological and that aims to attenuate the territorial dichotomies through the development of local economies, the creation of jobs and the attraction of investments by other entities, which consequently translate into more and better opportunities for regions where no other private company has invested like Altice Portugal has.

The investment now made by Altice Portugal also contributes to what is one of the main objectives of the company regarding fiber optic infrastructure in Portugal: to cover 100% of Portugal by 2020, corresponding to 5.3 million houses in 308 counties and more than 27 thousand locations.

João Azevedo Galamba, Secretary of State for Energy, said that "the large investments that we are celebrating today are of great national and regional importance, insofar as they promote territorial cohesion through new socio-economic development opportunities in this county and also represent support to industrial units and that a downward trend in domestic investment can be altered. And for this, I thank Altice Portugal."

Álvaro Amaro, the Mayor of Guarda, underscores his support for the work carried out by Altice Portugal in the scope of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), by investing in technological, operational and financial resources on this platform: "defending the role of regulatory activity, backing the service which is a very important service for the communities."

Inauguration of a reading booth in Mêda


In this journey through the interior of the country, Altice Portugal, through the Altice Foundation, inaugurated yet another Reading Box within the framework of the rehabilitation project for old telephone boxes across the whole country. This time the destination was Mêda, in the district of Guarda, where from today all of the inhabitants will have access to a variety of literary works in what is considered a micro-library, the smallest library in the world.

For the Mayor of Mêda, Anselmo Sousa, "it is a great pleasure to receive this initiative from Altice Portugal,and transform these spaces which were once so important to the community into Reading Boxes. It's an incentive to read, it's an incentive to get in touch with books."

This project is all over Portugal - the continent and the islands - under the slogan "Carry, donate, read, return" and demonstrates the concern of Altice Portugal with regard to investment in areas such as education, sport, culture, social responsibility, among others.​

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