Altice Portugal powers into Motor Sports


Altice Portugal strengthens its bet on national sport with the technological support for the 40th Rampa da Falperra and with the new sponsorship of Armindo Araújo, national rally champion, and Miguel Oliveira, Moto GP rider and runner-up champion in Moto 2.

Altice Portugal has a wide range of partnerships with sports, such as surfing, tennis, football, bodyboarding and skateboarding, as well as strong support for school sports, with education being one of the company's biggest investments. The year 2019 begins with new support, this time, motor sports. The Executive President of Altice Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca, believes that this new support means "fulfilling another strategic bet, to be closer to the Portuguese people".

Altice Portugal's commitment to motor sports strengthens its commitment to society by combining three fundamental vectors of its area of activity: proximity, sport and technology. The proximity to the people from north to south of the country, sport as a way of boosting society and promoting self-esteem, and technology, the core of Altice Portugal, allowing high-quality connectivity and access for all.

As such, MEO has expanded its team of ambassadors with the names of Armindo Araújo, the national rally champion, and Miguel Oliveira, a Moto GP rider and runner-up for Moto2, becoming the personal sponsor of both athletes.

Tenology allied to major sporting events

Altice Portugal also strengthens its technological partnership in the 40th Rampa da Falperra, a major sports event, 100% Portuguese, guaranteeing all the conditions of connectivity through WiFi network, infra-structure in last generation fiber optics and reinforcement of the mobile network.

Referring to Rampa da Falperra, Miguel Oliveira and Armindo Araújo, the CEO emphasizes that Altice Portugal's bet is, above all, "a bet on Portuguese society, a continuous bet on Portugal"

According to João Epifânio, Altice Portugal's Chief Sales Officer B2C, the main objective of this support is "to make a significant contribution", not only to motor sport, but also to the relationship of proximity and dissemination. Investing in the promotion of motor sport is to support the tests, the sport itself and its champions, "which have given much joy, emotion and victories to our country", says the CSO.

During his speech, Armindo Araújo highlighted the similarity between his values and those of MEO, stating that he is proud of this new partnership and hopes "that Altice Portugal will also feel proud. My wish for 2019 is that we can embrace and achieve many successes side by side, "reveals the national rally champion.

Miguel Oliveira believes that "this partnership is an opportunity, together with MEO, to rise to the highest category of motorized two-wheeled sport. Bringing people excitement and bringing Portugal together. I believe that with MEO,  it will be even closer to the Portuguese people and will bring the emotion inside our homes. This is the big bet and the great goal ", emphasizes the runner-up of Moto 2.

Rogério Peixoto, president of Clube Automóvel do Minho, is excited and proud of this collaboration with Altice Portugal, considering it a prestigious company that "focuses on innovation, investment, education, sport and culture in Portugal".

Continuing its strategy and its investment in national sport, as a technological partner of major sports events, modalities and athletes, Altice Portugal reinforces its close relationship with the sports universe, sharing the spirit of leadership, perseverance and continuous improvement with those that make the difference in the world of sport.

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