Altice Portugal takes innovation to Smart Cities Tour 2019


For the third consecutive year, Altice Portugal is a technology partner and official sponsor of the Smart Cities Tour, an initiative organized by the National Association of Portuguese Municipalities (ANMP), through the Intelligent Cities Section, and in partnership with NOVA Cidade.

With the objective of discussing the new challenges of cities and promoting solutions that will improve people's quality of life by creating more modern, efficient and sustainable cities, the Smart Cities Tour 2019 starts on January 16th, in Faro, with the theme of "Economics and Technological Innovation".

Cities are one of the most resilient and successful forms of organization and provide a relevant indication of the countries' socio-economic development. The strategic application of technology to cities and municipalities led to one of today's most impactful concepts - the Smart Cities - within which Altice Portugal is a reference partner.

For Altice Portugal, working at the Smart Cities level is putting technology at the service of people; to protect the environment; to streamline the daily lives of individuals, families and companies through the introduction of quality of life; to contribute to a significant reduction of public expenditure; to foster the country's prestige and enable it to become increasingly attractive for foreign investment. And it is with this objective, to do more and better for society, that Altice Portugal has been working, in order to gather the infrastructure and technological conditions necessary for the emergence and permanent development of Smart Cities, through pioneering investment in technological innovation, consolidating and reinforcing its status as a player that, rightly, invests more in innovation and technology in Portugal.

"The leadership of Altice Portugal is in fact made clear by one of the sine qua non conditions at the root of the Smart Cities: infrastructure. In this sense, the partnership created within the framework of the Smart Cities Tour allows the creation of links between partners, promoters, exhibitors, canvassers and civil society, which consolidate a true ecosystem that allows us to continue supporting intelligent cities and regions. It is an event of the future and for the future; an event that positions Altice Portugal at the head of the revolution ", says Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal.

In addition to the conferences and workshops at the event, Altice Portugal, the only company participating in the initiative and traveling the country for its three sessions, will demonstrate a set of solutions developed by Altice Labs, a key asset in the capacity for innovation and development of solutions and platforms according to the needs of the typology of the cities, namely:
  • ENTER Program: Through this Entrepreneurship Program, hosting and support of the best startups, Altice Portugal shows capacity and availability for a closer proximity to the startups it integrates, speeding up its contact with Altice's decision makers, conducting proofs of concept and its involvement in Altice Labs' most advanced R&D projects;
  • Dataplaxe/Urban Platform: The Data and Analytics Platform for Smart Cities and other industrial domains, provided as a service in the cloud, positions itself as Altice Labs' solution to address the challenges of Digital transformation of organizations at the global level;
  • City Governance Center: by providing a single Portal which includes the most relevant parameters of the different functional domains and enabling an action in pre-installed verticals, provides a global view of the City, allowing informed decision making at different levels of urban management;
  • BOT - Virtual Assistant Multi-channel (Web / IVR / Facebook): Based on the innovative concept of BOTSchool technology, which allows BOTs to be 'taught' to respond according to the context in interaction with the customer support service, thus contributing to a better relationship with citizens;
  • City Gateway: an innovative device that enables easy and multi-technology connectivity between sensors and city infrastructure, supporting LoRa, NB-IoT, GPON and 4G;
  • App Sharing Lisbon: an application that is based on the sense of community and that fosters sustainable behavior through the creation of a Digital Social Market for the exchange of goods and services.


"Altice Labs has been developing projects, models, platforms and products to improve the mobility and efficiency of cities and businesses and people's daily lives. Altice Labs has emerged as a great laboratory of technological innovation serving the country and the world through the provision of innovative solutions, services and products, with the capacity to sustainably support the creation and development of urban intelligence", says its Director-General, Alcino Lavrador.

At the stand visitors will also have the possibility to get to know several PT Empresas solutions and projects - with video and live demos - that accompany the digital evolution needs of companies, such as the solution of Telemetry of Water, the service IoT Connect with NB- IoT, Cloud and Data Center, solutions directed to Hospitality/Tourism/Catering and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Onda da Nazaré.

The Smart Cities Tour 2019 will tour the country to discuss the new challenges of cities and to present solutions that will improve people's quality of life and create more modern, efficient and sustainable cities. After Faro, the Tour goes to Aveiro (February 5th, "Smooth mobility"), Lisbon (February 27th, "City as a platform"), Vila Real (March 19th, "Circular City"), Setúbal (March 28th, "Inclusive City"), Ponta Delgada (April 5th, "Climate Change") and Funchal (May 8th, "Happy City"). The Tour ends with the Summit of Mayors to be held at the Portugal Smart Cities Summit, from May 21th to 23rd at the FIL in Lisbon.

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