Here comes the 2nd edition of MOCHE XL ESPORTS

The presentation of the event dedicated to lovers of eSports was held on May 13th at the headquarters of Altice Portugal, and was attended by Alexandre Fonseca, CEO of Altice Portugal, João Epifânio, Chief Sales Officer B2C company, Pedro Silveira, the E2tech, Cloud Shen, Huawei Country Manager for Consumer Business Group, Gonçalo Reis, CEO of RTP, Zorlak and Ric Doings, Gaming area influencers.

MOCHE XL ESPORTS 2019 has the biggest prize pool ever in Portugal: $100,000. In addition to bringing together different teams and players from around the world, the international CS:GO tournament will be the headliner for the event, where the best of the best will compete to win the prestigious Portuguese trophy.

In this second edition, MOCHE continues to be the named sponsor of the international event. The Altice Portugal brand for the young segment demonstrates, thus, reinforcement of the investment and the positioning of the company in a little explored area. Being a pioneer in a territory as different as gaming, MOCHE proves to be, once again, a brand that identifies and defines trends, adding value to its product.

Alexandre Fonseca highlighted the MOCHE XL ESPORTS as "the largest ESports event in the Iberian Peninsula" and as an excellent example of "healthy competitiveness and fair play". Considering the numbers achieved in 2018 as the goals for this new edition, the Executive President of Altice Portugal states that "we are in ESports to stay and we will continue to support it".

João Epifânio revealed that he was very satisfied with what Altice Portugal, together with its partners, managed to do in the 2018 edition, and has "high expectations for 2019". With the aim of taking it to a new dimension and "taking EGaming further", the CSO says that Altice Portugal will "build a future" in this area, making it grow and develop further.

Gonçalo Reis, President of RTP showed that "it is with enthusiasm that RTP participates actively in this new edition of MOCHE XL ESPORTS", becoming a structured investment for the company, adding interesting content and capturing new audiences.

Finally, Cloud Shen, Country Manager of Huawei, thanked Altice for giving Huawei the opportunity to participate, once again, in this event, which is considered "unique and important". In order to get closer to its consumers and its interests, Huawei wished for a great experience for all MOCHE XL ESPORTS 2019 participants.

Under the unique conditions of the Altice Arena, the MOCHE XL SPORTS by Huawei has transformed the country's largest showroom into a huge video game room. The event also features free play spaces to play, a stage dedicated to the entrepreneurial gaming community, team presentations, startups and young artists, conferences, video game releases, new technologies and retrogaming as well as the possibility of meeting the most famous youtubers and streamers.

The MOCHE XL ESPORTS by Huawei has the organization E2Tech, sponsored by MOCHE, Huawei, Asus, Mercedes, Gillette, Playstation, Nintendo, Blue, Monster, Matrics, Globaldata, Omen, Ax, Fnac and its media partners RTP Arena, City FM, SAPO and Tequilha.

Tickets are now available on moche.com and MEO stores.