Altice Portugal renews distribution agreement for RTP channels

Altice Portugal and Rádio e Televisão de Portugal renewed the distribution agreements of the public station channels for another three years and also unveiled some great news.

Altice Portugal could not fail to value the public service and, since RTP is the television operator with the widest offering of Portuguese-language channels, the new agreements guarantee stability and the development a closer relationship between both companies.

Commitment to the country is one of the main reasons why Altice Portugal collaborates and develops partnerships with innovative companies such as RTP. Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal, believes that the signing of this agreement marks a new stage, a stage full of new initiatives. The CEO of Altice Portugal made it clear that both companies will work together "to innovate, to bring new content, new ways to distribute content and new methods of viewing them by customers."

As RTP is one of Altice Portugal's main partners and one of the most important public stations in the country, the MEO service will make all the channels of the public station available in HD (RTP 1, RTP 2, RTP 3, RTP Memory, RTP Azores, RTP Madeira and RTP Africa).

Gonçalo Reis, President of RTP, demonstrated his satisfaction with these truly innovative measures that allow a qualitative leap for the company. For Gonçalo Reis, Altice Portugal is a company that knows how to respond to the needs of its partners and its consumers. "None of our companies has the idea that stability means you should stand still, on the contrary. We want stability and predictability to work make us work harder," says Gonçalo Reis, concluding that    "Altice Portugal is a natural partner of RTP and, therefore, we have a long way to go together."

In addition to television and radio channels, RTP has also been a presence and has been a partner of Altice Portugal in some of the major events of our society. The Football World Cup, broadcast in 4K, Eurovision 2018, MOCHE XL ESPORTS, the Health Marathon and the "Help Mozambique" initiative are some examples.​