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Altice Labs, a key asset in the innovation capacity and in the development of Altice Portugal's services, products and solutions, is to be congratulated as it marks its 3rd Anniversary. Altice Labs, Altice Group's innovation, research and development center, has always been an active part of our country's Innovation Ecosystem. Working in partnership with universities, R&D institutions, partners, suppliers and customers, it continuously engages in collaborative research, development and innovation projects in a sustained technology leadership strategy. In the last 9 years, 5 million Euros have been put  into R&D projects with Portuguese universities in the field of technological exploration. On average 550,000 Euros per year that enable the creation of knowledge and give masters and doctoral students the possibility to anticipate trends in future technology at the service of society. Some of these loans have given rise to startups that are now in the high technology market and are partners of Altice.

At the headquarters of Altice Labs, in Aveiro, headquarters of innovation, the moment was celebrated by the presentation of projects of national and international prominence and that will mark the future of innovation. From Aveiro, Altice Labs promotes research, development, innovation and export of state-of-the-art technology, continuously developing collaborative research projects, supported by excellent human resources that have earned the best opinions of partners and customers. There are over 700 highly qualified professionals who research and develop advanced Telecommunication and Information Systems solutions.

Following up on its strategy of decentralizing the laboratories of Altice Labs in Portugal, by creating innovation hubs in several regions of the country, which, in essence, are an extension of Altice Labs itself and which position these regions as a lever for attracting talent, knowledge and innovation export, Altice Portugal is carrying out a decentralization movement: from the presence in Aveiro, taking these laboratories to Viseu, Ribeira Brava, in the Autonomous Region of Madeira, and the Algarve. Proof of this, and responding to one of its strategic vectors, the proximity to the Territory, Altice Labs now announces  the opening of a new pole, this time in the metropolitan area of Lisbon. At this stage a number of proposals are being considered to ensure that the choice will be the most synergistic to national research, innovation and entrepreneurship.

According to Alcino Lavrador, Director General of Altice Labs, this new hub "is part of the strategy to connect local innovation ecosystems in all regions of the country, allowing Altice Labs to open channels for access firstly to the Altice market and to other geographies already worked by Altice Labs. These hubs also function as rapid prototyping laboratories where product ideas are quickly tested in a controlled environment but with connection to the real market.

Investment in innovation and research has been a strategic priority for Altice Portugal. Proof of this are the figures recently released by the Directorate General of Education and Science (DGEEC), which annually gives a picture of the main statistical results in human and financial resources related to Research and Development (R&D) activities and includes the ranking of "Companies with the most expenses in R&D Activities in Portugal". Altice Portugal is the Group that invests the most in Research, Development and Innovation in Portugal, with a total of 86 million Euros in activities related to innovation, also leading with regard to human resources allocated to innovation, with an annual effort of more than 700 people dedicated exclusively to R&D and Innovation.

The Altice International Innovation Award is also a reflection of the Group's commitment to innovation. After the success of the first two editions, the 3rd edition of the Prize was also presented. Launched by Altice Portugal in 2017, the Altice International Innovation Award is aimed at Startups and academia and promotes technological innovation and talent in three key areas for the company and for the national economy: Telecom, Media & Content and Data & Advertising. With a monetary value of 75 thousand Euros, the largest ever awarded in Portugal in the area of innovation, the final of this third edition will be disputed in October in France.

Altice Labs, one of the largest exporters of national innovation to the four corners of the world​

An example of Altice Portugal's strategy to promote the country and its resources is the partnership between Altice Labs and Amorim Cork Composites, a business unit of Corticeira Amorim. As a result of the work between the two entities, Altice Portugal presents a router with clearly ecological ambitions that promotes one of the biggest national products: cork. The first prototype of the router will have a structure where the percentage of cork is about 50%, thus reducing the plastic component to half, which in itself constitutes a substantial reduction of its ecological footprint.

The composite materials with cork are compounds obtained by extrusion of polymeric materials with cork and other additives. In this process, the addition of cork will have the benefit of reducing the density of the final material, improving acoustic and thermal performance and above all making the material more sustainable, as a result of the reduction of the carbon footprint. Cork is carbon negative and has an important role here. At the design level, the materials produced are more natural compared to a similar one which is 100% plastic. ACC is developing a range of materials for a variety of uses, from structural ones to decorative and sensory ones, such as handles and knobs.

For Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal, "the two entities continue to look for ways to increase the percentage of cork, taking advantage of its characteristics namely its heat dissipation capacity, sound insulation and greater resistance to shock. Sustainability is a concern and priority for Altice Portugal, being part of the culture and its DNA. With regard to environmental protection, our strategy is to continue to focus on reducing material consumption, energy efficiency and proper waste management. We use innovation to make the city's management system smarter in managing its resources, with advantages to people's quality of life  and the environment, developing a sustainable economy. As far as our core business is concerned, Altice Portugal uses its knowledge in technology and innovation to create, develop and implement unique solutions that contribute to the development and affirmation of Portuguese companies and to the well-being of citizens based on a sustainable and integrated vision, while creating a culture based on ethical, environmental and social criteria, integrating them into management and decision-making processes."

The goal of Altice Portugal is still to make this innovative Router become a design piece, so and invitation will be made to some national designers to design limited editions of it that will be made available to customers who so wish. Altice Portugal wants to take this vision even further and extend the challenge to students on higher education art and design courses in Portugal, so that there can be a router on the market with their signature.

Altice Labs develops routers that it exports not only to the Altice Group in France, the United States, Israel and the Dominican Republic, but to all its customers in different parts of the world. In September 2017, it launched the first fiber-optic (Fiber gateway) router with the 802.11 ac standard and with 4 receiving antennas and 4 broadcasting capable of a 2.16Gbps throughput in the 5GHz band, and we are preparing to present new input in this field soon.

Over three years, Altice Labs has brought innovation made in Portugal to 35 countries worldwide and touched more than 250 million people, and is now a reference in the global market, with products and solutions on four continents. More than 700 highly qualified professionals are part of this Altice innovation center in Aveiro, and work in the research and development of advanced solutions for Telecommunications and Information Systems. Remember that Altice Labs was recognized as the Best Company of the Year 2018 and the Best Company in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Market, within the scope of the 29th edition of the 500 Biggest and Best Companies, an initiative by Exame, Informa D&B and Deloitte.​

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