Altice Empresas and Yellow Pages launch solution to help Portuguese SMEs

Altice Empresas, a brand in the Altice Portugal business segment, and Yellow Pages, the largest national digital marketing agency, have just signed a partnership agreement to launch 'Go-Online', a solution that will allow SMEs to create their own website and sell their products and services online, as well as give them visibility on social networks without any investment or associated risk. Go-Online is available for small and medium-sized companies nationwide.

Aimed at Portuguese SMEs in any sector of activity, ‘Go-Online’ comes at a time when the migration to the digital channel can dictate the economic sustainability of some businesses. It is an integrated online marketing and sales solution, which can be managed via the mobile app, for the creation of websites with the possibility of e-commerce, for the promotion and sale of the company's products and services, centralized management of network presence as well as a backoffice with a specialized team to monitor interactions with customers. This solution guarantees secure integration with the main means of payment, through Altice Pay, as well as access to parcel delivery services throughout the country.

The 'Go-Online' launch campaign, for memberships until May 31st, offers the website for 3 months with the online store and their own domain, one hundred euros in digital marketing campaigns and the Netsync tool, for managing the presence on social networks and major online directories.

For António Alegre, CEO of Yellow Pages, “this campaign demonstrates and reinforces our company's social responsibility policy towards the Portuguese business fabric, facilitating business generation and boosting the economy at a time of great demand for information and online services”. Also, "this is a campaign that promotes easy and safe solutions at a time when entrepreneurs so badly need them".

According to Nuno Nunes, Chief Sales Officer B2B at Altice Portugal, “this is, more than ever, the time to stand with Portuguese companies. Altice Empresas has been actively contributing to the acceleration of the digital transformation process of companies, and is now positioning itself once again alongside national SMEs in order to guarantee them a new opportunity to bring their businesses to life online, with the technological and innovative capacity that this solution provides”.

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