Altice Labs and Google Cloud reinforce the SNS 24 line with cutting edge technology

At a time when the demand for information on the COVID-19 pandemic is growing, Altice Labs, through its BOTSchool solution, and Google Cloud have teamed up to technologically reinforce the National Health Service, SNS 24.

The technological partnership stems from the request made by the Shared Services of the Ministry of Health (SPMS) to respond to the increased demand for information. From the partnership between the two entities, a Virtual Assistant (BOT) was born, trained and prepared to answer the IVR (Interactive Voice Response) of the 808 24 24 24 line, which comes to support the health professionals on this line, in faster diagnosis of users.

The BOTSchool solution developed by Altice Labs responded to the challenge launched by SPMS in record time by using the Google Cloud API with Speech-to-Text (ASR) technology, which allows developers to convert audio to text when applying templates of artificial intelligence in an easy to use API.

BOTSchool's innovative service simplifies the creation and management of Intelligent Virtual Assistants (BOTs) that allow dialogues similar to communication between humans, enabling a company of any size to automate a substantial part of its service and respond to the need for speed and effectiveness of its customers.