Big Brother 2020 broadcast 24 hours a day at MEO

​With the television program, broadcast by TVI, marking 20 years since the first edition, MEO is once again adding it to its channel grid so you can watch all developments.

In this new edition, the Big Brother program has two parts. First, there will be the BB Zoom - A Caminho da Casa, with the different competitors in confinement in apartments monitored by cameras allowing the public to see them. After the quarantine period, competitors will enter the Big Brother house, a real, sustainable and environmentally friendly house, where they will remain isolated until the final prize.

MEO ADSL and Fibra customers will be able to watch, at position 99, the experience of competitors as soon as they are together in the same house, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. On the Satellite service, the broadcast will be available at position 604. The program can also be followed on tablet, smartphone and PC through MEO Go.​