Homeless Shelters in Lisbon with connectivity and MEO TV

At a time when the current circumstances impose a greater sense of social responsibility, Altice Portugal has provided the four CML Emergency Shelters - CML – Pavilhão Municipal Casal Vistoso, Pavilhão da Tapadinha, Casa do Lago and the Clube Nacional de Natação- with the best connectivity and MEO television service.

"Thank you Altice Portugal." The thanks comes from the Mayor of Lisbon, Fernando Medina, who highlights the importance of this support to the Municipality. "I want to thank Altice Portugal for the support given to the Municipality of Lisbon in this adverse and difficult time for all of us, ensuring the best conditions for transmitting television content and connectivity from its platforms to these places where the Municipality protects citizens in difficult social situations such as the homeless.”

"Current circumstances have imposed an increased sense of social responsibility", says Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal. "We have been trying to give back to society what we have received from it, especially in the delicate moment we are living in. With this support we want to contribute to improving the days of those who need it most. A small contribution, but which means so much in the lives of the most vulnerable."

The telecommunications sector has a critical role in the country, with communications becoming of strategic importance for the populations, for companies, for the State, Education and Health Establishments. Based on principles of proximity and social responsibility, the free provision of these services for 3 months in the context of responses to the COVID-19 pandemic aims to support the most vulnerable populations in the city by providing comfort and contact with the outside world.​