MEO offers its TV service to its customers in a new Android TV box


Once again, Altice Portugal and MEO lead in technological innovation by making their TV service available in a new Android TV box, offering an entertainment experience guided by simplicity, personalization, quality and pioneering spirit, also facilitating content sharing between the smartphone or tablet and the TV.

With a totally disruptive entertainment approach and based on an innovation and differentiation strategy, MEO becomes the first market leader in the world to offer the TV experience on the Apple TV and Android TV platforms. It should be recalled that, even last year, MEO was a pioneer in being the first TV operator in Portugal and one of the first in the world to offer an entertainment experience in the Apple TV universe.

“We are in pole position for the sector and we will continue to be so. If we have revolutionized the way of watching TV in Portugal today, in a continuous and pioneering way, we are once again responding to the trends and consumption habits of our customers through innovation, technology, experience and quality. This is yet another proof of our leadership spirit, we constantly set the agenda for the sector and the market, surprising everyone and everything by innovating where nobody else has innovated”, highlighted Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal.

For João Epifânio, CSO B2C at Altice Portugal, “The world has passed a new briefing in the last few months to which MEO responded in a determined way! We repositioned our brand, introduced the new electricity service, MEO Energia and today we have launched, in collaboration with Google, a new TV experience that explores the complementarity of screens and features between the smartphone and the TV. MEO is thus the only leading operator worldwide to offer its Pay TV service on 3 different platforms.”

Bernardo Correia, Country Manager at Google in Portugal, says that “Google is proud to support this innovative project from Altice in Portugal, which through Android TV will bring more choice and flexibility in the interactive entertainment of Portuguese consumers”.

The new Android TV box, developed jointly by Altice Labs and MEO's engineering and product teams, allows not only access to a renewed TV experience, which is more personalized, faster and more intuitive, but also a set of new Android TV features, such as sharing content between the smartphone or tablet screen and the TV, or accessing applications (such as YouTube 4K, Spotify, TED Talks, Games, among many other applications available on the Google Play Store).

With an improved TV experience, MEO customers thus benefit from a set of features, guided by innovation and the pioneering spirit that Altice Portugal's consumer brand has already accustomed them to: a personalized experience through quick access to the most viewed channels and personalized recommendations; a fluid navigation experience without interrupting the broadcast; even faster zapping, organized by theme; content with better image quality, in 1080p. The MEO TV experience now available through the new Android TV box is also accessible via other Android TV devices. The list of compatible equipment, which is constantly updated, can be found at meo.pt

Multimedia campaign “Connect with a new look”
With the claim “Connect with a new look”, the MEO campaign promotes adherence to M4 TV packages with Android TV box. An offer available, per rental, for new customers, for a promotional price of € 2.99/month (1st box) or for all customers as an additional box for € 4.99/month.

This new campaign continues the communication strategy recently launched by MEO, conveying the humanization of the brand through a sensory dimension, in this case through a dramatization of sight, one of the most powerful human senses, and its ability to surprise us, to transport us and help us to experience the world around us.
“Connect with a new look” brings once again the power of the challenge of reinvention, discovery and resilience for everyone in the recovery of our country. The participation of ambassadors (Frederico Morais, Bárbara Tinoco and João Sousa) throughout a dramatized journey through the MEO universe and the complementary features that the Android TV ecosystem adds, embodying this new TV experience that is now available to all customers in Portugal.
This multimedia communication campaign will run on the usual media - TV, radio, outdoor, press, digital and point of sale - and will be on air starting today, August 24th.
Creative agency: PARTNERS
Executive Creative Director: Ivo Purvis
Creative direction: Nuno Leal and Sérgio Lobo
Art direction: Pedro Maia
Copy: João Silva
Contact: Mafalda Clara and Tânia Carmo
Producer: Pedro Domingos

Production Company: 78 films

Executive productor; Sandra Melo
Production director: Joana Cunha
Director: João Marques / Nuno Alberto
DOPE: João Marques
Assistant director: Luís Miguel
Grading: Ligjt Film
Sound studio: Guel
Announcer: Inês Castelo Branco
Edition: 78 films
Post-Production: Dialogue / moss / 78 films

Media Agency: OMD

Account Manager - Paula Cruz

Client: MEO

Marketing Director - Luiza Galindo
Advertising Department - Sara Lourenço​

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