Bárbara Tinoco, Carolina Deslandes and Jéssica Silva: The new MEO ambassadors


They come from the world of music and sport to give their face and their talent for the MEO brand. The three new ambassadors thus join a team of ambassadors already consisting of numerous emblematic figures, such as Armindo Araújo, Cristiano Ronaldo, Ercília Machado, Frederico Morais, João Sousa and Miguel Oliveira.

Altice Portugal, through its brand MEO, makes a new bet on music and sport and welcomes three successful young women who excel themselves daily, national symbols and true references for the younger generations: the singers Bárbara Tinoco and Carolina Deslandes, and soccer player Jéssica Silva.

'Portugality', culture and national identity define Altice Portugal's association with its ambassadors, true references in the areas in which they operate, whose drive, determination, ambition, effort, spirit of leadership and perseverance are values shared by all of the group's brands.

"This moment marks the addition of three more ambassadors to our family of ambassadors," says Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal. And decisive factors for the choice of these three young people were the fact that they are "good human beings" and with "values close to what Altice Portugal also represents". In addition to talent and determination, Bárbara Tinoco, Carolina Deslandes and Jéssica Silva "they are also examples of our society and for all Portuguese people", says Alexandre Fonseca. "In the Altice Group, we also live these values on a daily basis. And it is with these values that we have an ambition. The ambition to keep moving forward every day and to have a very patriotic strategy. A strategy that also takes the name of Portugal, with its culture, its art, its language, far and wide. Our ambassadors are also a vehicle for us to take the name of Portugal and the name of Altice to the four corners of the world."

This is a moment the company has been waiting for for some time, says João Epifânio, Chief Sales Officer B2C. "The moment is particularly unique, because we have announced three new ambassadors that reinforce the role of women which is something we have also been promoting" and that they are joining "this family and take forward our desire to reinforce investment in proximity, in innovation, culture, values that we have come to represent".​

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