Altice Portugal invests in networks throughout the municipality of Porto de Mós

As the only operator that guarantees optical fiber coverage in the region, Altice Portugal invests again in this municipality, resulting in an optical fiber coverage of over 90% by 2021.

This investment is in line with Altice Portugal's strategy in terms of expanding and strengthening the resilience of new generation infrastructure. It should be remembered that by the end of this year Altice Portugal will bring optical fiber to 5.3 million homes and companies in our country.

For Luís Alveirinho, Chief Tecnology Officer of Altice Portugal, «It is with great satisfaction that we contribute to the technological evolution of Porto de Mós, providing a higher quality of service and advanced solutions. Altice Portugal aims to invest in sparsely populated regions, in order to enhance their economic development and expanded digital inclusion in various regions of the country. And it is based on this premise that the investment in Porto de Mós emerged. We will continue to prioritise the expansion of the fiber optic network in the interior of our country, we will continue to focus on people and regions that are often overlooked, reinforcing our position as the national operator that allows equal opportunities for everyone in Portugal. »

In order to increase the proximity to the territory, technological and digital inclusion, social development and access to more and better services, Altice Portugal will guarantee the coverage of this are with state-of-the-art infrastructures, fulfilling, once again, the role of the largest investor in the country in fiber optic networks.

This solid investment in state-of-the-art infrastructure provides the inhabitants of these 10 parishes with a higher quality of service and the availability of more advanced solutions.

For Jorge Vala, Mayor of Porto de Mós, “Altice Portugal was the entity that answered us and I want to express our appreciation, because no other operator answered us or received us.

It only make sense to invest in people, in their future, in their settlement and in the development of the territory, if we can be seen by those who are the main investors. Altice Portugal not only heard our appeal, it also understood and embraced this project that the Municipality of Porto de Mós has underway. I would like to thank Altice Portugal on behalf of all the residents of the Municipality of Porto de Mós, especially those who are most disadvantaged, for looking at the investment plan until 2025 and today signing a protocol meaning that by the end of 2021 fiber optic coverage will be over 90% in the entire territory of the Municipality».

This investment is further proof of Altice Portugal's commitment to the country. A bet on investment and innovation that is a starting point to offer the best services, the best products and the best solutions to all its customers. A commitment to make Portugal a fiber-proof country.

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