Altice Portugal and ABAE united for the sustainability of the Portuguese territories


The Green Flag identifies and recognizes good sustainability practices in Portugal. It challenges government entities and the population in general to construct a better future.

In a unique project in Portugal, Altice Portugal and ABAE have now united to promote a movement that aims to award municipalities annually and parishes biennially that have the best sustainability practices. The project is about working together and distinguishes municipalities (ECOXXI) and parishes (Eco-Freguesias XXI), which want to be an integral part of this movement of change and therefore fulfill a set of sustainability criteria.

For the Executive President of Altice Portugal, «This partnership with Associação Bandeira Azul makes perfect sense, because they share with us this DNA of proximity to the territory. This Green Flag project has the incentive of developing the territory and for people to settle, and I think that this could be an important seal so that the regions of our country can fight competitively for people to settle».

José Archer, President of ABAE, shares that “this partnership will certainly allow us to have the means to work more deeply in our territories, with the objective of continuing with more sustainable development, better conditions and greater well-being for those who live in any corner of our country».
The Green Flag ECOXXI program aims to recognize Portuguese municipalities with policies and actions around 21 indicators and more than 65 sustainability sub-indicators. Municipalities that want to apply must submit their application by September 30th.

With regard to the program dedicated to parishes, Bandeira Verde Eco-Freguesias XXI, it proposes the increase of sustainability at the local level, valuing the processes of participatory citizenship and recognizing the parishes that offer better quality of life to their inhabitants. Applications close on January 15th, 2021.

The Green Flag symbolizes the triumph of the planet and distinguishes territories where sustainability coexists side by side with citizens and companies, in each action, and where no one leaves the future for tomorrow.

The involvement in this project reinforces once again the positioning of MEO as a brand of causes, and of Altice Portugal, as one of the companies that has most contributed to the social and economic progress of our country, also betting on projects related to sustainability, of which the creation of the Company's Sustainability Committee is one.

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