"Connect again. Connect with life." with MEO


MEO, Altice Portugal's consumer brand, wants all Portuguese people to connect to life again. After the transformative, unique and changing times we all went through, MEO wants to mobilize the Portuguese people for what charecterizes us as human, the emotional and the sensory.

In an extraordinary reality for many, it was technology that allowed families and friends to remain connected, that companies and organizations kept working. If, in anomalous times, it was Altice Portugal that ensured that nothing failed, that communications remained fully functioning, whether in professional or at leisure, the time has come for us to connect again, to connect with life.

The times we have lived through have brought a paradigm shift and perception of technology and its role in our lives. If previously it was seen as a cold, empty element, or even as an obstacle to the relationship between people, in fact, today, we have come to see it in a more humane way and as a fundamental link between us all. Today, the humanization of technology is, more than ever, perceived as the materialization of one of the main strategic pillars of Altice Portugal: the pillar of Proximity.

It is with the powerful purpose of reconnecting people to life, that MEO presents a new position and a new institutional concept. “Connect again. Connect with life” intends to set the tone for a moment that we want to be the recovery of our country, of reinvention in the face of new challenges, recovery of the connection to family, friends, work, music, to sport, to the senses, but above all to rediscover so many other sensations that give the true meaning to the word we live in.

In fact, the senses naturally appear as an element that generates sensations and feelings, essential for the creation and deepening of connections and relationships, which effectively lead us to connect with life and what is essential. It is for this reason that MEO, in this new positioning and campaign, develops and builds a new multisensory dimension as a premise of greater involvement and humanization of the brand, through a unique fragrance, a new sound identity and new flavors. In perfect harmony with the brand's values and strategic vision, MEO becomes one of the first Portuguese brands to work on its multisensory identity and the first to develop a binaural sound identity in 8D (360 and spherical effect).

The development of the olfactory, auditory and taste identity was based on the personality of the MEO brand and thus proposes to trigger a new world of experiences and sensations in all those who come into contact with the brand.
With an aroma that is remembered, characterized by the conceptual duality between being universal and accessible, unique and distinct, passing through sound, which in addition to exploring the relationship between the human and technological dimensions, does not lose its character and distinction, and the expression of identity through taste, in a perfect balance between comfort and surprise in discovering new flavors and experiences. In the latter case, with the emergence of two new expressions, a coffee with a unique and personalized blend, which awakens us to life, and a candy with a unique and surprising flavor.

This sensory experience will be able to be lived in MEO stores, which will have an olfactory identity with the fragrance, an auditory identity with sound, both created by Lourenço Lucena, and a taste identity through Chef Chakall sweets and coffee from Simpli Coffee created exclusively for the MEO brand.

The song “HEYO” was created and produced in the USA, in 1908 SCORING STUDIOS in Beverly Hills, by the composer Sacha Chaban, in the studio responsible for the soundtracks of several Hollywood films such as Get Out and IT and series such as SWAT and The Whispers. A composition created and imagined to serve as a sensory trigger for all human dimensions and that, in a growing rhythm and voice, triggers a boost of positivity and energy, inciting action, doing and a greater desire.

MEO customers, through the waiting rings of our call centers, will start to enjoy the playlist with the MEO sound identity and, in meo.pt, an innovative multisensory experience that recreates the 5 senses in a digital environment.
In this new campaign and repositioning of MEO, the senses appear as a natural step in the evolution of the humanization of the brand and a unique opportunity to build the purpose of the brand, challenging people to new experiences and new opportunities, even if it is necessary to leave their comfort zone. Humanizing thus appears, with the true sense of reinventing, experiencing and starting over.

It is under this motto that the MEO campaign challenges some of its Ambassadors to challenge themselves to go beyond the objective proposed. Thus, Armindo Araújo, Carolina Deslandes, Frederico Morais, Jéssica Silva and Miguel Oliveira join MEO in this purpose, leaving their comfort zone, amplifying their potential and stimulating their five senses. The multimedia communication campaign will run on the usual media - TV, press, radio and digital - and will be on the air from June 25th.





CEO - Tomás Froes
CCO– Lourenço Thomas
Executive Creative Director - Ivo Purvis
Digital Creative Director - Gil Correia
Account Director - Mafalda Clara
Art Director - Rodolfo Garcia
Copywriter - João Moura
Designer - José Barreiro
Strategic Planning - Patrick Stiwell
Producer - Martim Lemos


Executive Producer: Sandra Melo
Director: João Marques/Nuno Alberto
PDO: João Marques
Production Manager: Mónica Figueira
Music: Sacha Chaban/1908 Scoring Studios
Sound Studio (mix): GUEL
Post Production: 78



Marketing Director - Luiza Galindo
Advertising Department - Sara Lourenço
Media Management - António Rodrigues


6 days of filming
64 hours shooting
120 people involved
6 cameras including 1 drone, 1 GoPro, 1 6mm film camera and 1 iPhone 11 Pro


 Modelo - Bloco Galeria

 Modelo - Bloco Colunas