Message from the Executive President of Altice Portugal

The unprecedented context in which we are living, in addition to being unexpected, has evolved very quickly, requiring Altice Portugal to reinforce its capacity to create the necessary conditions so that, not only within the company, but in the country, everything runs smoothly and at the speed required. Health and well-being are dominant concerns in this atypical time that has imposed a very different reality on everyone. In just two months, everything changed abruptly in our personal lives, in our companies, in our country, in the world. We were forced to adapt and reinvent ourselves to face the demands of something that is beyond our control.

At Altice Portugal, we know that we have a fundamental role to play in this pandemic crisis scenario and we know that we have an increased responsibility in a world where communications have become indispensable, both for the emotional stability of the Portuguese people, and to efficiently ensure the continuity of corporate business.

Our commitment was, from the first moment, to invest and strengthen our networks and their security, and to put our best technology at the service of the country and all entities involved in combating COVID-19, in areas such as Health, Civil Protection and Public Security Forces. But we also focused on the gigantic operation underway with all national houses and companies, in order to effectively ensure teleschool, telework, and all the technologies that allow us to keep businesses going, such as electronic commerce and connectivity in general.

Our motto has always been that we did not want a two speed country and the investment that we have made in communications infrastructure in recent years is now fundamentally important in guaranteeing teleworking, distance learning and activity in the area of health and social solidarity. When we provided the country with the largest and most modern fiber optic network, even in the most remote areas in order not to discriminate against people from those areas, in an investment of more than 2 billion euros, which today has reached 5.1 million homes and companies, we were giving companies and the country a response capacity that is now proving vital. And this investment must continue!

We have shown an unrivaled capacity for transformation, as not only have we managed to adapt a large part of our operations to a regime of working from home in record time, we have also created conditions for our customers to feel the effects of this crisis as little as possible by  absorbing the unprecedented, huge growth in traffic on our networks and ensuring impeccable performance, even in these extreme conditions.

Today, we are beginning to see the first steps of recovery. Our greatest attention is, of course, focused on the present. However, we cannot stop thinking about the future, a future that will be different, but that will certainly bring a new world of opportunities and also new ways of thinking and operating, in which Digital Transformation will already be a reality and a critical success and differentiation factor.

Altice Portugal has been complying, quarter after quarter, with all its defined goals and strategies. For the fifth consecutive quarter, our revenues continue on a growth path, now standing at
€ 522.3M, which represents an increase of + 2.6% over the same quarter last year. This first quarter of the year reveals not only the consolidation of the company's performance but also the unambiguous sustainability of its financial and operational performance, as we have reinforced our indisputable leadership in the market.

These indicators, which are fundamental for the future, not only reflect the resilience of the Altice Group, but also reinforce the role of Altice Portugal as a pillar of our country's economy and society.

It is therefore essential that we all have the ability to combine adversity with opportunities. I am sure that nothing will be the same as before this crisis, and when it passes we will have to continue to use previously unused mechanisms. It is necessary for the State to help and contribute to equal access to Next Generation Networks, something that Altice Portugal has been doing for the past two years, and also that digital illiteracy is combated once and for all.

Our commitment remains and is reinforced. We will continue to focus on finding and implementing the best solutions for our customers and partners. Because we are leaders, resilient and audacious, we are confident that we will beat this situation.

We are here, we have always been here, and we will continue to be here. This is our commitment!​

Alexandre Fonseca

 Modelo - Bloco Galeria

 Modelo - Bloco Colunas



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