Santa Casa invests 50 thousand euros in the Ally Smart Check-ins and SmartAL project

Ally Smart Check-ins, a support solution for monitoring the elderly that uses artificial intelligence, sound and movement to alert caregivers when they need support through an app and SmartAL, a solution designed to support Ambient Assisted Living services that allows them to follow, in real time, the elderly and chronically ill, situations of convalescence or post-hospital support - are the winners of the Santa Casa Challenge Extra COVID-19, the special edition of the digital innovation contest from the ‘Casa do Impacto of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa for solutions to combat the isolation of the elderly. The two projects will share a prize of 50 thousand euros.

“It was extraordinary to see such a rapid and advanced response from Santa Casa to the COVID-19 crisis. The organization's commitment to using innovative solutions to help care for vulnerable adults in such difficult times is truly inspiring. We are honored to be one of the selected projects to help Santa Casa combat COVID-19. ” Says Thomas Tredinnick, CEO & Co Founder of Ally Smart Check Ins. For Altice Portugal, “it is very important to see our SmartAL solution, developed by Altice Labs, as one of the winners of the Santa Casa Challenge. This recognition symbolizes our investment in increasingly inclusive technological solutions that respond to real needs of citizens, in the area of health and social support", says Nuno Nunes, Chief Sales Officer of the Business Segment at Altice Portugal."

“Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the need for a quick response to the social consequences it causes, the Casa do Impacto of Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa launched this extra edition of the annual digital innovation contest that rewards projects with social and environmental impact. In this edition we look for new ways to respond to social problems that the pandemic has brought, through new approaches. In this time of uncertainty, innovation is not for  tomorrow, it is necessary to respond to today's problems.” - says Sérgio Cintra, Executive Director of Social Action at Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa.

“This contest received dozens of entrepreneurs and projects with a lot of potential - proof that in times of crisis the capacity to innovate grows and social entrepreneurship even more. The two winners of this extraordinary edition of the Santa Casa Challenge presented innovative proposals, aligned with the challenges of the Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa and proved to be promising solutions in supporting the monitoring of the elderly and combating isolation.” explained Inês Sequeira, director of Casa do Impacto.

The Santa Casa Challenge Extra COVID-19 was especially dedicated to projects that responded to the specific needs of the elderly in situations of prophylactic confinement or social isolation caused by COVID-19. In about a month, the contest brought together 74 candidate projects from all over Portugal and also international projects from Brazil, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium and Germany.

Of these, ten were selected for the pitch session, which determined the winners. The short list included projects in areas as diverse as gamification, information management and staff platforms, SaaS, Artificial Intelligence and mobile applications related to the pharmaceutical area, inclusion to support the displacement of the elderly, support and monitoring, social robotization, digital telemonitoring and real-time monitoring of chronically ill elderly people, among others.​

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