Altice Portugal intensifies Contingency Plan

​​​Altice Portugal, as the first private company to activate a Contingency and Prevention Plan within the current public health landscape, and in close and permanent dialogue with the General Health Directorate (DGS) and other entities, now intensifies its Plan with new measures with a view to preserving and defending the interests of employees: 

  • ​Implementation of immediate ruling to allow teleworking for employees belonging to groups considered to be most vulnerable due to low immunity (current cancer patients, previously identified chronically ill patients) and pregnant employees; 
  • Creation and identification of isolation rooms in buildings where justified, to be activated if necessary;
  • Implementation of the Crisis Operations Office with the definition of an essential minimums Service Plan to be activated as soon as justified; 
  • Strengthening of the Health at Work team of Altice Healthcare, namely with the integration of new specialist doctors for the current context;
  • Postponement of public company events (e.g. Disruption for Brands by SAPO and SAPO Awards); 
  • Postponement of air travel; 
  • Reduction, to the strictly essential, of the participation of the Altice Portugal Management Team in public initiatives and external meetings
  • Preference of meetings by videoconference or conference call instead of face-to-face meetings;
  • ReinforcementDissemination of information on all internal company channels to support the identification of symptoms related to COVID-19, as well as information on preventive measures and other practices defined by DGS - General Health Directorate of the supply of disinfectant gel and hospital masks in MEO buildings and stores; 
Altice Portugal reinforces the fact that, in order not to cause internal or external social alarm, it has not identified at the moment any case of contagion within the company. Altice Portugal will strictly maintain its Contingency Plan, following the evolution of the situation, as well as communicating new measures that may be adopted in the defense and protection of its employees, partners, customers and suppliers and strictly in line with public interest. ​

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