Blackbear confirmed for MEO Sudoeste

Christmas is at the door and the best gift for thousands of young people is to guarantee their place at MEO Sudoeste. After a summer without MEO Sudoeste, there has never been a greater desire to rejoin the Tribe. From August 3 to 7, 2021, the biggest summer festival will once again have the best music of the moment plus the good spirit found every year at Herdade da Casa Branca in Zambujeira do Mar. After several (re) confirmations that have already been announced, there is one more name guaranteed for 2021, one of the most requested by the Tribe: Blackbear will perform on August 5th, on the MEO Stage at MEO Sudoeste.

Blackbear is one of the emerging names in the pop music scene, with a course marked by audacity and irreverence. But there was a time when Blackbear was just a young musician, in love with rock, with a guitar and little else. The turning point of his career was with “Boyfriend”, one of Justin Bieber's smash hits. At that time, the Hollywood musician reinvented himself as a rapper and moved towards R&B, thus setting out on a new phase of his career. “Sex”, the mixtape released in 2012,

shows this new direction, with the participation of Mike Posner, James Blake and Maejor Ali. The first album, “Deadroses”, released in 2015, was another step in consolidating his name as one of the most promising musicians of his generation. In the following years he made three more albums, among other singles. "Help", "Digital Druglord" and "Cybersex" were the three records made in just two years, showing that Blackbear did not come to mess around and that he worked hard to achieve his results. In 2018 he collaborated with Mike Shinoda on the track “About You” and with DVBBS on “IDWK”. In 2019 he returned to the albums with “Anonymous”, his longest record so far, marked by the fact that it came after Blackbear had overcome a health problem, which makes this album full of meaning. The musician will be able to share all those emotions with the Portuguese public, on August 5th, 2021, on the MEO Stage at MEO Sudoeste.

So that everyone can plan in time and enjoy the biggest Summer Festival in 2021 again, a very special edition of the MSW Tribe Pack is available. This special edition includes 5 passes for every day of the Festival with 9 days of free camping. A limited exclusive from the MEO online store (meo.pt), for an unbeatable price of 450 €, representing a saving of 75 € on the 5-ticket pack.​

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