Altice Portugal presents the new Portuguese Language Atlas

Today is the International Day of Literacy, and given the commitment made by Altice Portugal in the fight against illiteracy, in particular digital illiteracy, the Company could not fail to mark the event with yet another initiative that shows its commitment to ‘Portugality’: the presentation of the special edition of the new Portuguese Language Atlas, with the support of the Altice Foundation.

It was in the context of the celebrations of the first World Day of the Portuguese Language of History, last May 5th, that Altice Portugal announced its support for this project, which today comes to life as a tool for spreading the well-known influence of the Portuguese language around the world. This initiative is also joined by the opening, tomorrow, of another Reading Box, this time in Arroios, making a total of eight boxes in the Lisbon district, among the more than 40 in the whole country.

For the Executive President of Altice Portugal, Alexandre Fonseca, «The presentation of this project is another concrete step taken by Altice Portugal in the defence and promotion of the Portuguese language, exemplifying the vast investment in the axis of Portugality, which extends to literature, cinema, music, art and sport. Literacy, in particular digital literacy, must be a national goal, with no territorial or age barriers. Altice Portugal will continue to focus on providing our country with the necessary tools for better literacy rates, making Portugal a more cohesive and stronger country, working at only one speed».

Joining some of its main priorities - Proximity and Innovation - to the commitment to Portugal, Altice Portugal, as the engine of social development in the country, has been implementing a set of projects that promote inclusion, equal access and digitalization, with a view to social cohesion and ensuring better conditions for economic competitiveness. An example of this are the numerous initiatives carried out by the company in various areas, namely the ‘dematerialization’ of school manuals in partnership with Huawei Portugal and LeYa and the Khan Academy platform, which has already reached more than 3 million views. Thus, Altice Portugal continues to put technology at the service of people, education, culture, economy, and the country.

The new Atlas of the Portuguese Language thus pays tribute to the Lusophone community spread around the four corners of the world, spreading the well-known linguistic influence of Portuguese as the identity of more than 260 million speakers of the language worldwide. It is an important work by José Paulo Esperança, Luís Antero Reto and Fernando Luís Machado, which demonstrates the undeniable presence of the Portuguese language beyond all borders and territories, and which has the support of the Altice Foundation.

This initiative aims to affirm once again the Portuguese language as an indisputable symbol of our country and our roots, and literacy as one of the main and most important flags of a modern, technological, and advanced society.​

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