Winners of the 5th edition of the IoT Challenge

The winners of the 5th edition of the IoT Challenge were announced yesterday, a technological competition promoted by Altice Empresas, a brand in the Altice Portugal business segment, which challenges Portuguese companies and startups to present innovative and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions ready to be marketed.

In this year's edition, candidates had to present IoT solutions that accelerate the digitization of companies and organizations, optimize processes through remote monitoring, allow a quick adaptation to the new reality of teleworking or help to face the current challenges of society, namely with regard to combating the new coronavirus pandemic.

This year, due to the appearance of COVID-19, it was the first time that the final of the IoT Challenge was transformed into an online and in person session. During the event, and after several presentations by the candidates, the companies were evaluated by the illustrious competition jury, through a question and answer sessions.

This year the jury panel was composed of: Nuno Nunes, Chief Sales Officer for the Business to Business segment of Altice Portugal, Luís Alveirinho, Chief Technology Officer of Altice Portugal, Sofia Rebola, Director of Technical Control and Management Systems of the Altri Group , Ivo Antão, Executive Director of the Luz Saúde Group and Eduardo Fitas, Vice President of Accenture Portugal.

The 3 Winners

Infinite Foundry was one of the first teams to win over the jury with a solution that consists of reproducing a replica of the 3D digital plant of an industrial installation to remotely monitor the production process and improve operational efficiency.

Indra Sistemas Portugal was awarded for the “Onesait Motion” project, a solution that facilitates the operational management of a supply chain in real time, ensuring online traceability of the people, vehicles and products involved in the process.

Quantico Solutions was another of the winning teams with the “Vision4Lab” project, a solution that consists of a platform with a system that allows healthcare professionals to record their procedures on video using a wearable device (glasses), so that other professionals can view these images, ensuring greater control and security.

Nuno Nunes, the director responsible for the business segment at Altice Portugal, says that “We are currently experiencing challenging times and new opportunities in the business market. Now, more than ever, it is time to change, transform and innovate. We want to continue to intensify our business model with Portuguese companies, and thanks to the IoT Challenge we can do it together with the innovators of tomorrow. At a time when the use of technological solutions and tools such as the IoT has become essential to respond to the resumption of business activity, the IoT Challenge is a catalyst in supporting and boosting the business ecosystem and, consequently, Portugal’s economy."

There were 11 teams that reached the final, responding to the challenge launched and using the connectivity management service, IoT Connect from Altice Empresas, in their solutions. Between July and September, participants were able to work with the Golabs.IoT Altice Engineering team to test their solutions.

In addition to the special conditions in the monthly fee and activation fee for the Altice Empresas IoT Connect connectivity service, which is awarded to all finalists, prizes will also be awarded to the 3 winners, including the offer of 6 monthly fees for the Altice Empresas IoT Connect service, Startup passes to the Web Summit 2020, the dissemination of solutions on Altice Empresas communication channels, exhibition of the solution in the Altice Portugal Showroom as well as the possibility of integrating the solution into the Altice Empresas portfolio.

In the last four editions, the IoT Challenge has brought together more than 150 participants and awarded prizes to a total of 15 winning teams, in what is considered a real opportunity to aggregate and identify the best talent in the area of technology in Portugal, giving them the tools to be part of the digital transformation process of the Portuguese business fabric, through Altice Empresas' extensive network of customers and partners.​

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