Altice Portugal donates telecommunications equipment to Burns Unit

Altice Portugal has donated telecommunications and connectivity material to the Burns Unit of the North Lisbon University Hospital which was delivered by the Director of Institutional, Corporate and Communication Coordination, André Figueiredo, in a continuation of the policy of proximity and social responsibility.

The donation of this equipment will allow patients admitted to this hospital unit, who are prevented from receiving visits and being in touch with those outside the hospital, to be able to be in contact with their family and friends.

Through this and other social initiatives, Altice Portugal has become a company that has greatly contributed to the provision of a higher quality service to the Portuguese people.

Altice Portugal is not indifferent to the hundreds of requests for help it receives from health, education, solidarity, and social responsibility institutions, among others. As a socially responsible company, Altice Portugal wants to continue to make a difference, to be present and to support all Portuguese people who find themselves in a particularly vulnerable situation.​

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