Altice Portugal returns to the biggest national cycling event

It is through the shared concepts of Proximity, Technology and Territory that Altice Portugal is the technological partner of the largest national cycling event: the Tour of Portugal by bicycle for the third year running.

The 82nd edition of Santander Tour of Portugal can, once again, count on the support of Altice Portugal for a technological mega-operation over the 10 stages. All the necessary connectivity for the competition's logistics is provided by Altice Portugal, namely internet access, mobile and fixed communications, and the distribution of television signals in the various venues of the competition.

In numbers, this partnership translates into more than 25 km of state-of-the-art fiber optics, close to two hundred satellite accesses, around 20 television points, 120 on-site technicians and more than a dozen Altice Portugal support vehicles available at all stages of the competition.

Supporting national sport is already an integral part of Altice Portugal's DNA, which has a history of supporting sports such as football, tennis, surfing, among many others, as well as national clubs and other sports institutions. For Altice Portugal to establish partnerships with events such as Tour of Portugal is to emphasize what our country has and does best.

Considered one of the oldest stage competitions in the world, the Bicycle Tour of Portugal is one of the most important vehicles for local promotion in Portugal. Between the 4th and 15th of August, more than 1565 kilometers will be covered, from the north to the south of the country. The premier event of Portuguese cycling will end in Viseu after 10 stages.​​