Gaming and eSports on TV: MEO and SIC launch ADVNCE App

Today, February 4, SIC and MEO, a consumer segment brand from Altice Portugal, launch the App TV ADVNCE with interactive content for all age groups in the areas of gaming and esports. Clearly committed to the most relevant content and the main trends, the App TV ADVNCE thus brings together the best gamers and the biggest gaming competitions in the country.

The favorite console and computer games for gaming aficionados can now be followed on MEO TV. On the TV ADVNCE App, you can watch daily programs and many famous faces from Portuguese entertainment and fiction, such as Diogo Valsassina, with “ADVNCE Show”, Nelson AC Silva, with “Gameplay”, Marco Fresco, with “RetroGamers”, and Hugo Barreto, with "Máquinas". The premieres of the international programs “Gamerz”, “Age of Corona Virus”, “ESPORTS Awards Brazil and USA”, “Fortnite World CUP” and “Origins” will also be included on MEO. The TV ADVNCE App will also feature documentaries featuring the best Portuguese players from League of Legends and the broadcast of the FPF Masters eFootball.

The TV ADVNCE App is accessible to all MEO ADSL and MEO Fibra customers (with MEOBox), free of charge, at position 110 on MEO and through the blue button on the remote. ADVNCE, the new brand in the IMPRESA universe specializing in eSports and gaming, is also on SIC Radical, SIC Generalista and on the website advnce.sic.pt, in addition to social networks.

“With this launch, Altice Portugal thus reinforces its commitment and positioning to an up-and-coming area where it is a pioneer. The MEO and MOCHE brands have actively contributed to the development of Esports in Portugal, by supporting the MOCHE brand at major events, such as MOCHE XL Esports or MOCHE XL Games World, and by the quality and reliability of the MEO fiber service, the choice of the gamer community. In line with Altice Portugal's innovation strategy, TV ADVNCE App broadens and diversifies the portfolio of MEO Applications, which provide access to content and broadcasts, live on TV, of events of public interest or niche markets, enabling new types of content to reach all customers,” says João Epifânio, Chief Sales Officer/B2C at Altice Portugal, which owns MEO, its brand for the consumer segment.

“We want to continue to invest in content and surprise the market with new initiatives as well. ADVNCE's success continues and the good results achieved now allow our content to have a non-linear presence at position 110 on MEO”, says Cristina Vaz Tomé, CRO at IMPRESA.

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