MEO and SAPO win top market awards

At the start of the year 2021, Altice Portugal's brands are in first place with a total of 11 awards that reflect the preference of Portuguese consumers for the MEO and SAPO brands. Five Five-Star awards, four Consumer Choice awards and two Product of the Year awards. We can say that, for MEO and SAPO, 2021 is a promising year.

Within the scope of the Five-Star awards, MEO wins, for the fourth consecutive year, the Unlocked Smartphones, Fixed Internet, and Television categories, and for the first time the Mobile Internet category. SAPO was selected as the winner in the Online Press category.

In the Consumer's Choice awards, promoted by ConsumerChoice - Consumer Satisfaction Assessment Center, MEO is the winner of TV Apps away from home (second consecutive year), Quadruple Play (fifth consecutive year), Mobile Telecommunications (third consecutive year) and Best TV Experience, a new competition category.

In addition, the Product of the Year awards, where MEO won in the Integrated Services category, with the "Pay with MEO" service, and in the Multiplatform TV Access category, with MEO products on Apple TV and MEO on Android TV.

These awards prove the leadership of Altice Portugal and its brands. A leadership that grows more and more, based on a successful strategy that is based on and acts on 5 major pillars: Investment, Innovation, Service Quality, Social Responsibility and Proximity. Undisputed leader in communications services in Portugal, MEO saw its leadership in all communications services in Portugal strengthened in the 3rd quarter of 2020, standing out as the operator of choice for the Portuguese people.

In addition to leadership in services, Altice Portugal marked another milestone of extreme importance in 2020, not only for the company, but also for the country. 

"Portugal, due to Altice Portugal, currently has 5.4 million homes and companies with state-of-the-art fiber optics, becoming one of the first European countries with practically full coverage of this technology. This goal is the culmination of a totally autonomous, voluntary, and private investment strategy, carried out by Altice Portugal. plus, the leadership spirit of Altice Portugal, its capacity for innovation, the concern for constant improvement of service and proximity to the customer and especially the trust placed by consumers in the brands of Altice Portugal ", says Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President.

The Altice Portugal brands are now able to display the labels of distinction awarded to them by the respective award organizations, reflecting the satisfaction of Portuguese consumers with the products and services that stand out for their innovation and quality.​


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