Altice Portugal intensifies reinforcement of communication networks

​Altice Portugal will continue with expansion and reinforcement of the network throughout Portugal to respond to the needs of the Portuguese people and minimize the impact of the expected progressive increase in traffic on the fixed network, given the new confinement and teleworking situation. 

The telecommunications sector is once again a critical sector for the continuity of the country, with communications becoming of strategic importance for the public and private sectors, namely, for health professionals, in education, training and higher education, for families at home, for the elderly in isolation, and especially, for the full maintenance of the best conditions for teleworking and continuity of working life.

It should be remembered that during the first confinement, Altice Portugal accommodated all new needs arising from the massive use of communications networks, even in peak periods, thanks to the redundancy and resilience of its networks and the investments made in its expansion, to guarantee the necessary capacity for the increase.

Even at a time that is also difficult for the telecommunications sector, the circumstances experienced impose a sense of increased social responsibility, so in view of the scenario faced by Altice Portugal, as the leading company in the sector, it will channel all efforts into ensuring full and uninterrupted operations, no breakdowns in its communications networks, keeping on top of the evolution of the situation in close cooperation with the authorities, and working on the optimization, robustness and improvement of the network whenever necessary.

Having already activated its Crisis Office, Altice is now intensifying its Contingency Plan to reinforce safety and health conditions permanently and continuously for its employees and customers, ensuring the continuity of the business and services provided by Altice Portugal companies.

Altice Portugal once again places its work, experience, and investment in the hands of Portugal and the Portuguese. In this moment that unites us, we are in solidarity with everyone and we will do everything possible so that the telecommunications sector remains at the forefront, gives an effective response and is, once again, decisive in making a better, more equal, and growing Portugal.​


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