MEO Beachcam reaches over 100 Portuguese beaches

The free livecam service, which allows access to images of Portuguese beaches, continues to grow. Currently, there are already 100 beaches, from the north to the south of the country, including the Autonomous Region of Madeira, that have this solution.

At a time when the phased return to normality continues to require additional care, the service created by the partnership between MEO and Beachcam provides real-time information on beach capacity through flags with the following key: green flag , low occupancy; yellow flag, medium occupancy; and, red flag, full occupancy. This information is measured based on the number of accesses to the mobile network and translated into graphs with an hourly estimate of the flow of visitors.

With the beginning of the bathing season, MEO Beachcam becomes an essential ally for Portuguese beachgoers when choosing where to go. Through this service, users can see their favorite beach live, have access to a set of information related to weather conditions, wind intensity, sea temperature, swell level and other relevant information provided by the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere.

MEO Beachcam works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, putting technology at the service of all those who visit beaches to do water sports or to sunbathe during the summer months.

Created in 1998, the MEO Beachcam website was a pioneer in Europe in the free transmission of images in real time and in the provision of information services about the beaches on the Portuguese coast. It is available on television, through the MEO box, on any mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) through the mobile app (iOS and Android), and online, at https://beachcam.meo.pt/.