MEO has the best national mobile network

The MEO brand received the distinction "Best in Test – Mobile Internet", according to data from the last 12 months of the QualRede application, by DECO PROTESTE. This is a historic milestone and another recognition of Altice Portugal's leadership. Congratulations!

The data from the QualRede app, which is based on the real experience of the application's consumers, places the MEO brand on the 2G/3G/4G Global Result Podium with 23 219 points. The score results from the average of the results obtained in the various parameters measured (download and upload speed, web browsing and streaming test) from 46 thousand QualRede users.

"MEO is the leading operator in communications services in Portugal. A milestone achieved because of our customer-centred and quality service strategy which is our cornerstone for investment. Today, with this distinction, we are once again recognized because of this strategy. Altice Portugal is fully aware that these investments are essential for people, companies and for the country's development. Through the huge and continuous investment in communication networks, we want to continue to empower Portugal and the Portuguese people for the current digital transformation", declares Alexandre Fonseca, Executive President of Altice Portugal.

"This project, which we launched in 2016, has had exponential growth in terms of users and this increases the validity of the data. The main idea is to help consumers choose a mobile network that is efficient in their area of residence and work. This year, MEO stood out, obtaining the best results in the average of all parameters", says Rita Rodrigues, Head of Media and Public Affairs at DECO PROTESTE.

QualRede is a free, collaborative application, that is, its efficiency increases depending on the number of people who use it. Each consumer decides when and where to test the network. The application anonymously records the test results, location and type of connection used. This data is used to update an interactive map, which shows the quality level of mobile networks in Portugal.

The QualRede application results from the collaboration between DECOPROTESTE and 4Gmark, a company specialized in network quality testing. It uses a different approach from that used in conventional speed tests, as it simulates the real user experience through a scenario that integrates several tests, called "Full Test".

The more measurements there are, and in more locations, the better the reliability of the data and the more locations that will get results for the three operators. The QualRede application is available on the Play Store and the Apple Store.​

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