Portugal Chama’ again mobilizes the Portuguese people

The national campaign returns in the summer of 2021 to alert the population to the risks associated with fires. Altice Portugal once again joins this communication initiative for the prevention and combat of rural fires, which has the seal of the Portuguese Republic. Portugal calls. For you. For everyone.

Did you know that most fires start near a road, an inhabited or cultivated area? And that most fires result from badly made bonfires and fires or sparks caused by machines on hot days? These are some of the alerts from the Portugal Chama campaign, which aims to make the Portuguese people aware of the duties and precautions to be taken at a time marked by higher temperatures and when the conditions make the outbreak of rural fires more likely.

The images of some of the most serious fires in Portugal in recent years are strong in the memory of the Portuguese people. Therefore, we can never alert people enough about the behaviors and measures to be taken to minimize this scourge. We must be aware that it is up to each person to act, clearing land, taking care of the land and forest, carrying out burning correctly, registering land, protecting villages and warning of risky behavior.

Preventing, communicating, alerting, and acting are thus the watchwords of this campaign, which aims to reach all citizens, with the conviction that it will contribute to spreading correct behavior regarding land maintenance, in each region, municipality and parish.

Altice Portugal, as a socially responsible company close to the Portuguese people, joined this initiative from the very beginning, with the commitment to reinforce this campaign among its employees, helping these messages reach an increasing number of people.

Portugal calls. For you. For everyone. Join this movement. Don't take chances! Don't put your life at risk, or that of others. If you see any dangerous behavior, warn the person/people or call 112.

For more information, call 808 200 520 or access the website https://portugalchama.pt/.​

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