Stingray Music: The best music is on MEO

MEO customers have at their disposal the best music for every moment in their life, at the touch of the blue button on the remote and in position 154 on the channel grid.

The different channels in the Stingray package have been grouped into a single TV App, under the name Stingray Music. When browsing this application, it is possible to explore your favorite songs among the various musical genres and make a quick selection according to your personal taste.

There are more than 10 styles of music covered by Stingray Music, from Portuguese music, pop/rock, disco, funk & hip-hop, jazz &blues, ambient music, Brazilian music, and children's music, among others.

The Stingray Music TV App is exclusive and is accessible for €3.49/month, for all MEO ADSL and Fiber with MEOBox customers.​