Thank you, for so much, to all Portuguese nurses


Altice Portugal once again marks International Nurses Day by remembering, celebrating, and praising all of the nurses in our country, who have done so much and do so much for Portugal and for the people. "Thank you, for so much" is the slogan that Altice Portugal, together with its brands Altice Empresas, MEO and SAPO, launches on May 12th, with the aim of increasing society's awareness of all the work that has been carried out by the nursing and health sector in Portugal.

Portuguese nurses have been crucial for the development and promotion of good health care, both for private services and the National Health Service. Even before the current pandemic, they were already considered the best. For this and for many other reasons, Altice Portugal takes this opportunity to extoll the altruism, readiness, and sense of responsibility of the Portuguese nurses who have always served our nation.

Altice Portugal and its brands decided to create a movement on Social Networks, launching a challenge to the Portuguese people to share a message of thanks to all nurses. You can never have too many words of affection, gratitude, and compassion especially when they are greatly deserved.

Altice also decided to offer nurses a 10% discount on any equipment from the MEO Store. To obtain the direct discount, nurses only need to present their employee card when purchasing any material at the MEO Store between the 12th and 16th of May.

Also, on the 12th of May, Alexander Freese, Chief Operations Officer of Altice Portugal, will pay a visit to SNS24 and Altice Health, to thank, personally and on behalf of the entire organization, the dedication of all of the nurses who, through their hard work and perseverance, have contributed to helping the country since the beginning of the pandemic and at many other important moments in the history of humanity.

Thank you, for so much.​

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