Altice Labs revolutionizes fiber optic networks with worldwide innovation

It was from Amsterdam, within the scope of the Broadband World Forum, that Altice Labs, the greatest exponent of the Altice Group's Innovation in Portugal, launched its latest technological innovation, a world first: the Small Factor Pluggable double (double SPF).

It is an electro-optic connector, the size of a finger which is connected to the central equipment from which the optical fiber that connects customers' homes to this technology comes from. Being dual, this device allows connection of two optical fibers in the same port of the central equipment.

Serve twice as many customers. Through this small but significant interface change, it is possible to duplicate the customers that may be connected by fiber optics, keeping the equipment available in our homes unchanged, since this modification is fully compatible with current routers. For this reason, this solution will make it possible to serve twice as many customers.

SPF converts electrical signals and transforms them into optical signals since optical fiber uses light to transmit information. This procedure makes it possible for the signals that reach our house to be transmitted literally at the speed of light, the fastest transmission medium we know.

Fiber optic technology. This worldwide innovation can be applied to current fiber optic technology, in which the download (2.5 Gb/sec) and upload (1.25 Gb/sec) bandwidth on each optical fiber are shared by connected users. Additionally, this solution can also be applied to the latest technology, where there are symmetrical bandwidths of 10 Gb/sec, that is, both in download and upload.

Optical fiber technology has reached a level of maturity that is sufficiently advanced that it allows us to direct our efforts towards increasing density in telecommunications centers.

Compared to traditional technology, these converters developed by Altice Labs not only increase the bandwidth capacity in each port of the central equipment but also increase the density of ports per equipment, enabling the networks to reach distances over 40km.

World reference position. This innovation by Altice Labs thus represents an important milestone in the development of technology and a confidence boost for the massification of a higher density of users at a much lower cost.

Through this innovation, Altice Labs consolidates its position as one of the largest and most important players in innovation worldwide, with products installed in more than sixty countries on all continents, and a leader in providing excellent solutions in the market.